Dear my lovely family!

Hello, this is Choi Si won. How have you been?
Though it’s already close to the end of march, it’s still cold outside ^^
Be careful not to catch a cold and be well ^^
Thanks to your attention, love and prayers, filming is going well ^0^
Thank you sooo much!

Finally, today is the opening!
Hope our drama makes you happy in these chilly weather ^^
Please be generous and enjoy even if there might be some mistakes ^^

It’s really comforting and I cannot thank you enough that you are always with me ^-^

I love you guys very much!
I pray that today would be happy with the bless and lead of holy spirit.

Sung Minwoo, Choi Siwon

credit:The Siwonest
Translated by: 리건 @Happytalk

Thanks to: my beloved hyukxenhae at Sapphirepearls