Recently, Han Geng did an interview on Sohu Star Online.
After that, different news of him signing contract with other companies broke out.

Han Geng who have not escaped from the news of contract termination, now found himself in different rumours of him joining different companies. Someone divulges that Han Geng was persuaded to join ‘EE-Media’, there are also online forums saying that Han Geng will join ‘Taihe Rye Music Co. Ltd’.
Other than the rumours of contracts signing, there are also rumours of him joining other groups.
He was ‘match-made’ with ‘SD5′ and ‘MIC Boy Band’ by netizens from his desire to break away from Super Junior.
Han Geng, who is in United States at the moment, denied joining ‘EE-Media’.
Sohu Entertainment exclusively contacted Mr Sun, Han Geng’s assistant who is currently also in United States.
Mr Sun also denied the rumours of Han Geng joining other China groups.

Termination lawsuit still on-going, new company still not confirmed
December last year, Han Geng sent request to the court for his contract with SM Entertainment to be terminated. The hearing of this case started on the 1st of January, arbitration was carried out on 9th of March, but still there is no outcome. However, Han Geng appeared in Sohu , thus the media and many fans suspected that the lawsuit had ended. If not, Han Geng would not have accepted an interview. For this, Mr Sun indicates that everything about the lawsuit were handed to the lawyer to handle, he himself does not know the outcome yet as well.
As for the new company Han Geng will be joining after the termination case ended, ‘EE-Media’, ‘Taihe Rye Music Co. Ltd’, ‘Universal’ and other well known music label were thrown into suspicion.
Han Geng had personally denied that he joined ‘EE-Media’, Mr Sun also expressed that many companies contacted him but nothing is confirmed yet. As for the news of Han Geng joining a China boy band, ‘SD5’, Mr Sun find this piece of news ridiculous. He also found out only after surfing the internet, Han Geng did not mention anything of such to him as well.

Han Geng will make a public appearance soon in Migu Show
Han Geng who disappeared after news of the termination broke out, other than appearing in Sohu interview, had never made a public appearance at all. It is reported that on the 26th of March, Han Geng will appeared in Migu Show  co-produced by DragonTV and China Mobile.

Migu Show is a show that cultivates reality stars, already in the battle of the Top 5 now. The finals on the 26th will be a live show;sale of tickets has started. Han Geng making a public appearance after the termination news is the focus of all media and fans.

Other than that, MIC Boy Band, a group praised by Han Geng in the Sohu  interview will be performing with Han Geng. This boy band emerged as winner from the previous season of  Migu Show.
What would their collaboration bring about? Please look forward to the show.

Source: Sohu Ent
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