(Let the train carries our love)

Chapter 1

Starring: Kyumin (main), Hanchul, Kangteuk, Eunhae

Current music: I Think I by Star

Summary: Sungmin accidentally met Kyuhyun in a journey on train. Sungmin has a feeling toward Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun seems very cool and Sungmin doesn’t have courage to tell him. “He was so busy playing games so he didn’t notice it. He even didn’t notice that I stared at him intensely. It seemed like I fell in love to him. I never fall in love before. The first time I saw him, I knew this feeling. At the first time I knew what is love.”

(Sungmin POV)

That day was Saturday. I was running trough the crowd in train station.

“Sorry. Ah! I’m in a hurry! Sorry.” I said when kept clashing against other people.

“Fiuuh…” finally I reached the train and starting found a seat. There was an empty seat between a little girl and an ahjussi.

I was searching my cellphone to message my umma when someone sneaked into the train. “Ah! Sorry!” he said.

Suddenly the time was like stop in my eyes. My heart started beating really fast. Then our eyes met, but he looked away directly. He even didn’t smile. I was sure that other people in the train could hear my heart beat. Then my cellphone rang.

“Yes, umma? I’m already in my way to home. Don’t worry… I’ll get home soon.” I hung up the phone. Then my eyes widened. “Wha..aat??!! That person, no! That human… That boy!! Whatever he is! He is standing in front of me now!!” I shouted in my heart. I almost shouted it loudly.

I stared at him quietly. He stood right in front of me. Hearing music with his earphone and humming quietly. I couldn’t describe him well since his appearance is already perfect for me. He is handsome, a little chubby, and tall. He has dark brown eyes which can make you immerse into them when you stare at them. His short hair is a bit wavy. Fit his face nicely. Hmmm… He has sharp nose… Nggg… Gya~!! I can describe him with 7 words. The most beautiful silhouette in the world. (If you see him like I’m doing now ^^) Then…

Deg deg deg deg… Suddenly I stop talking to myself. He is looking at me. I dropped my head and stared at the floor. I feel my cheeks burning. He might see my cheek turned red.

“Oppa… Are you okay?” asked the little girl beside me. She is very cute enough to make me want to pinch her cheek.

“Yes. I’m okay… Haha. Am I look so pale?” I asked while smiling.

“No, your face is red. Do you get cold? Dizzy? She stood up and caressed my cheek.

“Hahaha! You are so cute! What’s your name, baby?

“Haerin. Choi Haerin. What’s your name, oppa?” she sat on her seat again.

“My name is Sungmin. Lee Sungmin. How old are you now, Haerin?”

“I’m 8 years old and I’m 3rd grade elementary school now.” She answered in a cute way.

“Really?” I asked seriously.

“Hahaha! No, she is still 5 years old now.” Said her umma who was sitting besides her.

“Hmmm~ Did you just lie to me? Naughty. “ I pinched her cheek. She giggled. “Omoni, how can you have cute daughter like this?” I asked her mother jokingly. “Haerin-ah, drink milk and eat much so you can grow faster. 15 years later I’ll find you and ask you to marry me.”

“Hmmmphh!” Suddenly I saw that boy trying to hold his laughter by cover his mouth with his hand. I looked at him confused. He lifted up his shoulder and smiled. I was still confused but I loved seeing he smiled.

He walked to an empty seat crossed mine at the next train. I was very shy knowing he has heard such us childish words that came from my mouth. I shouldn’t say it before. What does he think about me now? A pedophiliac?? Geeez… It’s disgusting. I looked at Haerin. “Ah~ for this cute kid, who could ignore loving her??” I said in my heart.

I talked with Haerin’s umma in the train while waiting for the next station, but my eyes kept looking at that boy. Honestly I even didn’t know what’s Haerin’s umma talking about. I was not concentrate. He totally catched my attention. I wanted to know his name, where he lives, how tall he is. I want to hear his voice, seeing his smile. Hmm… Wanna know his foot size, pants size… Wanna touch his skin… WAIT! What’s that?? Did I just being a pervert?? NO! It’s his fault having so perfect appearance.

He was still sitting quietly. He just took his PMP and… played games I think. Sometimes I saw him pouted and said “Ah! I lose.” Everyone in the train was looking at him. He was so busy playing games so he didn’t notice it. He even didn’t notice that I stared at him intensely. It seemed like I fell in love to him. I never fall in love before. The first time I saw him, I knew this feeling. At the first time I knew what is love.

“We are no at xxx Station. Don’t forget to check your things.” The announcement woke me up from my long thinking. I stood up and saw him leaving. “Ah, I don’t know his name yet. I should talk to him before. Hmm~ Why I never saw him before at this station? He may visit his relative around here.” I was thinking again when I saw….

WAIT! I saw his wallet on his seat. “OMG! He left it!” I took it and ran to find him. “Where is him?” I kept eyeing on everyone at the station while running. “He must be in a hurry and walk faster. Hah~” I stopped looking for him and sat on a bench at station. I opened his wallet and looked for his identity card. “He must be confuse when realize that his wallet has lost. Hmmm~ Cho Kyuhyun…” I mumbled.

Suddenly my heart started beating again when I was seeing at his picture on his identity card. “WHAT?!! He is 2 years older than me!! He must be in 1st grade high school now. Ahhh~ Why he is so tall??” I mumbled desperately. Then I put it again inside his wallet. I decided to give it to the center of information. But I was still thinking to meet with him again.

“Sir, can I save it until he comes?” I begged the officer to save it so he would call me instead.

“It’s okay… Leave your address and phone number here. We’ll call you if he comes and asks for his wallet.” Said the officer. He just granted my favor.

“Thank you, sir!! Here my address and phone number.” I gave the paper. *smile*

“You must like him very much.” Said an ahjumma who received the paper.

“No! It’s not like that..” I tried to deny but…

“So, why you are blushing? Hahaha. I’ll make sure he will contact you soon. He always uses train on Saturday noon and Monday morning.” Said the officer. I just pouted.

“Why just Saturday noon and Monday morning?” I asked him curiously.

“Why don’t you ask him after meeting him later? Hahaha.” He teased me. I guessed there was “I love Cho Kyuhyun” written on my forehead. I couldn’t say anything besides thank to the officer and ahjumma for helping me.

I realized that it was already night when I started running to home. I was very tired, but I was happy inside. I couldn’t wait for him to call me. Hearing his voice and meet him in a person. “Yah! CHO KYUHYUN!! Call me soon!!” I shouted loudly while running and finally reached my home. “GUK GUK GUK!” my dog, Ari, barking loudly when hearing I shouted. “Hahaha! Are you, Kyuhyun?” I stroked his fur. “You know that I’m so happy today? U don’t know right? Finally I have found my love. He is veryyyyy handsome, but… would he love me too…?” I stopped stroking Ari’s fur. He looked at me curiously with his tongue sticking out. “I’m okay… Don’t worry… Let’s go inside and eat! Then accompany me waiting for his call okay?” I giggled as he started licking my face.

(Kyuhyun POV)

Fiuuuh~ Finally I could take a breath. The train was so full with people. Fortunately I reached the train on time. What if I lost it? Let’s not think about it.

I walked to my home. I’d reach home within 15 minutes by walking from train station. I was humming when my cellphone rang.

o nan geu nuga nuga mworaedo naneun sanggwan eopdago~

“Hello? Yes, umma… I’m on my way home. I’ll arrive in 5 minutes.”

“Baby, would you help me buy soap in the super market?” Umma asked me.

“Sure, umma… Wait for me. What the dishes today?”

“Your favorite, dear… Dinner is up! We’re waiting for you. Hurry up.”

“Yes, umma… I’ll hang up. Bye.” I hung up my cellphone and started running to supermarket.

I found the soap which we use commonly at home. I didn’t forget to buy some snacks too. Tonight would be a long night with my games. Hahaha~ I went to the cashier and… “What the…? Where is my wallet?” I started to demolish my bag and found nothing. The cashier seemed confuse seeing me. Oh my god… Was it left in the train or fell at someplace? Or it was stolen by thief?

“What’s up, Kyu? Is there something wrong?” The cashier who has known me asked me whether something bad has happened.

“Yes, ahjussi… Seem like I lost my wallet. Maybe it was left on the train or fell on the way home.” I explained.

“Gosh~ You must be more responsible, Kyu… It’s okay… Give me the money tomorrow. Just take them home. Now go back to station and ask to the officers if they found your wallet.”

“Ah~ No… I’ll be back tomorrow or I’ll ask Donghae hyung to buy them later.”

“It’s okay, Kyu… Take them home. Now go back to station before it will be closed.”

“Really? You don’t mind? Thank you, ahjussi!! I’ll be back tomorrow.” He just smiled and nodded. I was grateful having neighbor like him. Sometimes Donghae, my cousin, buys something and pays it later. Hahaha.

I started to run to station. I was sure I was out of breath, but I had to get it. There were my money, student card, and whatever it is. Suddenly I thought what if a thief stole it… I must be in a trouble. My umma and dad would get angry, stop my allowance, and I couldn’t eat in school. I’d starve and I’d be dead meat.

Finally I reached station. There were still a lot of people waiting for the last train. I looked at my watch, it was already 8 p.m and my umma must be worried now. I saw a board written “INFORMATION”. I walked there. “Sorry, sir… Hmm~ I just lost my wallet. I think it was left on the train. Is there someone got it or saw it?”

“Let me check first, boy…”

“Yes please…”

“There was a report of someone saw your wallet. May I know your name?”

“My name is Cho Kyuhyun. Maybe it was mine.”

“Oh… You’re right. It was yours.”

“Really? Ahh~ Thanks GOD. Can I have it now? I am totally in trouble if I lost it.” I sigh deeply.

“Don’t worry… But we don’t have it here, Mr. Cho. Someone had reported that he found a wallet owned by Cho Kyuhyun, but he said he wanted to keep it.” Explained the officer.

“Hah?? You mean he wants to own it? Take the money? What the…”

“It’s not that, boy… He gave me his address and asked me to give it to you if you come and ask about your wallet. Here are the address and his phone number. He must be waiting for your call now. Haha~”

“Why didn’t he just left it here? It’s weird… May I know what is he look a like?” I asked curiously. I felt it was so weird.

“He looks cute. Shorter than you. A bit chubby and his hair is a bit brown. Have you ever saw him?” I tried to remember and saw the paper that the officer just gave to me. Lee Sungmin. It was written there. Lee Sungmin… Sungmin… Hmmm~ Who?


“My name is Sungmin. Lee Sungmin. How old are you now, Haerin?”


“You ever saw him?” asked the officer.

“Yes… He sat cross to me. I’ll contact him as soon as possible. Thank you, sir…”

“Good you remember. He is totally waiting for your call, boy.”

I walked away from the station. I was still thinking why he wanted to keep my wallet. I remembered his face. Cute and funny. Seem like he is a good boy. But it was still weird for me. I’d call him when I got home.

“Lee Sungmin… Nice name for a cute guy… Whoever you are, wait for my call… L-E-E   S-U-N-G-M-I-N…” I talked inside. Hmm~ suddenly I remembered when I caught him looking at me. His cheek was totally red. He talked to that little girl happily. He must like kids very much. “Ah~ My wallet… I’ll take you from him as soon as possible.” I hit a can on street then “GUK GUK GUK!!”, some dogs were barked so loud at me.. “MIANHAE, guys… I didn’t me to… GYAAA~!!!” Those dogs were chasing after me. I started to run as fast as I could. Damn today. “Kruyyyuuuukk~” Even my stomach didn’t help me at that time.

“STOP CHASING AFTER ME! Don’t you know I’m hungry and don’t have energy?!!!” I shouted to the dogs.

“GUK GUK GUK!!!” I blinked then saw them still running to me.

“Hah~ just running, Cho Kyuhyun. They even didn’t understand you.” I talked to myself and realized I just talked to DOGS. “UMMA!!!”

(To be continue)