(Let the train carries our love)

Chapter 3

Starring: Kyumin (main), Hanchul, Kangteuk, Eunhae

Current music: Love U More by Super Junior

Summary: Sungmin accidentally met Kyuhyun in a journey on train. Sungmin has a feeling toward Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun seems very cool and Sungmin doesn’t have courage to tell him. “He was so busy playing games so he didn’t notice it. He even didn’t notice that I stared at him intensely. It seemed like I fell in love to him. I never fall in love before. The first time I saw him, I knew this feeling. At the first time I knew what is love.”

(Sungmin POV)

“I’m done!” I finished eating my dinner stood up and walked to the sink. Washing the plates delicately.

“Thank you, dear. You always help me cleaning.” Umma smiled at me. “Your appa and umma will go to your appa’s friend for a while, can you stay at home with Wookie?”

Wookie stared at me and gave me a wink. “Of course. I’ll make sure we’ll look after the house well. I’ll teach Wookie english tonight.” I gave a wink back to Wookie. Fufufu~ I knew we’d enjoy talking and playing games tonight.

“Good then. Hangkyung-ah!! Where are you? Oh my God~ Your appa is so slow doing anything. I’ll check him and prepare myself. Don’t play games too late okay?” Umma gave me a kiss at cheek and went upstairs to look at my appa. Umma knew that I lied. I saw Wookie shook his head. “She knows…” He whispered. I just smiled and cleaned my hands.

“I’ll go upstairs and take my cellphone. Wait in living room okay?” I ran and went upstairs. I entered my room and hurriedly took my cellphone. I looked at it. Suddenly freezing. “Oh my GOD!!!” There were 5 calls from the same number. “He called me!! What were I doing??!!! Why I left it here??” I shouted and felt regretting it.

“Anything happened, dear?” Appa sneaked his head in curiously.

“Nothing, appa. You’ll go now?”

“Yes. I’ll go now with your mom. Look after Ryeowook, okay? I’ll bring you food when I arrive.”

“Okay. Take care. Tell my greeting to your friend, appa.” I said while showing bitter smile. Appa nodded and went upstairs. I was sure I wanted to scream as loud as possible until my voice cracked. I regretted why I left my cellphone in my room. He must be angry now.

“What must I do now?” I asked Wookie after telling him the story while sitting in living room.

“Ah~, hyung… I feel bad for you. Why don’t you call him now and ask if he is… Who?”

“Cho Kyuhyun.”

“Ha~ Cho Kyuhyun. Ask him whether he is Cho Kyuhyun or not. Maybe he is waiting for your call now.”

“Really? Hmmm~ I’m not in a good mood to call him. I’m upset by myself.” I sighed and lied myself on the couch.

“Pfffft~ How can you get pissed by yourself?? You ruined it, so why don’t you make it clear by calling him? By the way, you like him right?” Wookie laughed and slapped my hands.

“WHAT?!! Like him? You… How do you know?” I sat immediately after hearing it.

“How can I don’t know it? You’re weird. You never cared so much about other people before. Besides you kept that wallet instead of gave it to station officer.”

Yeah~ Maybe Wookie is right. People must realize if I act like this. I saw Wookie kept munching the cookies in his mouth and made noises, I found it annoying.

“Wookie-ah… Why are you so busy even when you are eating?”

“Why? This is delicious, hyung. Try it!” He gave me some cookies. I stared at them. Dark chocolate. His eyes are dark chocolate too.

“Hyung? Are you okay? Don’t stare it like that. Don’t tell me you see Cho Kyuhyun on those cookies.”

“HAH~” I choked. “No, I just… I don’t have appetite now. I should sleep.”

“Sleep? Right now? You said you wanna play games with me.”

“Games?” I remembered that Kyuhyun was playing games on the train. His smile…

“Hyung!!” Wookie slapped my back. “You better sleep now before you imagine dirty scene with him. Haha.” He teased me.

“WHAT!! Dirty?? I’m not that crazy. I’ll be on upstairs. Turn off the television if you done.” I said while leaving Wookie on living room.

“Okay. Sleep well, hyung. Such a crazy lover…” *PLAAAANNKKK “Yah, hyung!! What are you doing???”

“Kkkkk~ I said I’m not crazy.” I threw an empty Cola can to Wookie. “I said before that I’m not in good mood, Wookie-ah.”

(Kyuhyun POV)

“Yey~ AH!! You better be careful, hyung.” I told Donghae who is playing games with me. My parents kept watching us playing.

“Honey, see our boys. They are growing so fast. Ahra and Donghwa will be shock when they see them. They’ll be back this year from Europe. I can’t wait for it.” Umma said to Appa while pouring tea to his cup.

“They are men now, not boys anymore. Donghwa and Ahra will be mature enough ”

“Next year Donghae will leave us and study in Seoul. If I think about it, I feel sad.” Umma sat beside Appa and kept watching us. Donghae stood up and walked to umma.

“Umma~ Why are you saying that? I’ll go but I’ll bring umma there.” He is hugging umma tightly.

“WHAT??!!” I turned off the game and sat with them on the couch.

“Yes. I’ll bring umma. You stay here with appa. I can’t bring appa since he works here.” Donghae and appa changed look.

“Yeah~ You will stay here with me, Kyu. I’ll find new wife and you’ll get new siblings.” Appa said while staring at umma.

I was shocked. Appa will marry someone? Why?

“HAHAHAHA!! Got you, Kyu!” Donghae was laughing so loud. Umma and appa were smiling widely then joined him laughing.

“Why are you acting like this HAH?? I thought it’s true since umma is old now.” I stuck my tongue out.

“Am I old? Not pretty anymore?” Umma caressed her cheek.

“No, Teukie-ah… You are still pretty. I love you more.” Appa hugged her.

“GEEEZZZ~” Donghae and me pouting.

“Umma, if appa finds another woman later, umma shall find one.” I said.

“Nicholas Cage?” Donghae thinking.

“I’d love too.” Umma said. “But appa had stolen my heart. He has to give it back to me, so I can give it to other man.”

“I had saved it deeply in my heart, and I don’t know where it is now.” Appa touched his heart. I found it funny every time we did jokes like this. Before Ahra and Donghwa went to study abroad, this house was so crowded and warm. Now, there are just four of us, but this house is still warm. I’ll make sure it won’t change.


“Kyu, how much the soap? I’ll change the money.” Umma asked while took her wallet.

“Nggg~” Oh my GOD. How much was that? I didn’t notice because I didn’t pay it yet. “5000 won, umma.”

“You bought many snacks, didn’t you? Here you are. Why are you sweating? Are you sick, dear?” Mom caressed my forehead.

“No… Is it just my feeling or… It’s hot here.” I lied. HOT?? Come on~ It’s nearly winter.

“Hot? Oh my God. I think you are sick, Kyu. Appa!! Bring medicine here. Kyu got cold.” Umma was running to appa and asked him to get some medicines.

“Are you really sick?” Donghae came and touched my head. “I think you can explain this to me before I tell to others.” He showed me a message on my phone.

“Are you Cho Kyuhyun? Your wallet is with… me…” I read it slowly.

“Why is your wallet with this person? Did you stay with a girl last night?”

“YAH!! It’s not that!!” I grabbed my phone. “I’ll explain to you, so please don’t tell anyone. I’m begging you, my bro.” I was on my knee and begging to Donghae.

“Okay… Let’s talk. Umma!! I think Kyu just needs rest. I’ll bring him upstairs.” He shouted to umma.

“But Hae, let him drink medicine first.” Umma came with medicine on her hand meanwhile appa brought a glass of water.

I stared at Donghae, “Hyung, I’m not sick. Let me get rid of that medicine.” I told him by staring.

“No, umma. Drink medicine is not always good if we are sick. He is just tired and needs rest. Ah~ I’ll bring this.” Donghae took the medicine and dragged me upstairs.

“Rest well, dear… Call umma if you need anything.”

“Yes, tell appa if you feel worse.”

“Yes, umma, appa. I’ll sleep well. Good night.” Then I slammed the door. Donghae was sitting on my bed waiting me to explain what happened.

After some minutes explaining, he sighed. “Hah~ I thought there was something bad happened to other people because of you.”

“What should I do?” I asked him while reached my phone. “He texted me already.”

“Have you called him?”

“I did, but no answer. I thought he was sleeping.”

“Just reply his message. Maybe he is sleeping now since it’s already 11 at night.” He looked at the clock.

“Yeah~ I think so.” I quickly typed a message. Then I looked at Donghae deeply.


“Hyung, you love me right?”

“Hiiiiyy~ What a horror you are?!” He looked at me disgusting.

“Hyung, don’t tell anyone. I’ll be dead meat if umma and appa know.”

“Haha. UMMMA!!” I closed his mouth immediately.

“Yah!! What are you doing!!”

“No, umma won’t hear it. I know… I won’t tell anyone.” He stroked my hair like he always did when I’m sad. “When will you meet him and ask the wallet?”

“Tomorrow. I asked him to meet me in train station at 9 am.”

“Good. Now you better sleep, Kyu. If not, umma will force you to drink those medicines.” He pointed at medicines on my desk. I giggled. I’d get stomachache if I drank them.

“I’ll turn off the lamp.” Donghae stood up. He turned off the lamp and slept on his bed which is cross to me. “Kyu, you said that person…”


“Yeah~ Lee Sungmin. He is cute right?”

“Hmmmm….” I nodded in the dark.

“I have a friend named Lee Sungmin too in my class. He is cute. Are they the same person?”

“I don’t know. I never meet your Sungmin or my Sungmin.”

“My Sungmin?? Haha. It’s like we own Sungmin.” He laughed.

HAH. My…. My Sungmin?? What the heck I just said. “I mean your friend and this Sungmin.” I tried to explain.

“I know… What if one day that Sungmin will be yours? Kkkkk~ I was kidding. Go sleep!! Good night!”

“Good night, hyung.” I turned my body and faced the wall. Thinking deeply. He? Mine? He is cute, but… “JAAAIIIIISH! What the heck I’m thinking??!!”

“Shut your mouth, Kyu!! Go sleep and dream your Sungmin!! You are noisy.” Donghae teased me.

There was no use explaining to Donghae. I closed my eyes. “My wallet… Come to me…” I said inside.

That night I dreamt Lee Sungmin smiled at me and gave the wallet to me then said, “Sleep well, Kyu. Good night.” He kissed my cheek. Beautiful weird dream.

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