eeteuk; on the way to recording today i passed by the han river. i opened the window for some cool breeze when suddenly i felt that i’ve lived so many years & those years were meaningless.
eunhyuk; your life is meaningless?
eeteuk; nooo, though being an artist in the entertainment scene is very meaningful, how do i say this. it’s not that being eeteuk isn’t meaningful, it’s just this park jungsu person thinking too much. cos lately i’ve been filming near my university grounds, & i thought of how my university days were almost all wasted, high school as well. i just feel that this world is really meaningless. don’t the adults always say, “the time you’re wasting now, how long can you waste it for”.
eunhyuk; lol
eeteuk; don’t laugh~
eunhyuk; actually i feel like, living as an artist now for three/four years, & before this i’ve always been living as lee hyukjae, & i lived happily. now being eunhyuk, i strive, & in the future, i’ll live an exciting life as well.
eeteuk; but isn’t there a saying, “there’s a time to study & there’s a time to play”. the enthusiastic playing of a 20 year old university student – i don’t think i’ve had that before. recently, with the spring breeze, that’s what i’ve been thinking about.
eunhyuk; there’s no meaning. living as an artist beats running around having fun.
eeteuk; you know this?
eunhyuk; i don’t… whatever it is, your new song just came out, & i’ve the repeated mindset to work hard.
eeteuk; i also know that activities now are great, but i’m saying-
eunhyuk; alright, i know what you mean.

(tl note; kay i’m sorry if the above made little sense, but they were being all deep & shit, & i’m like ughhhhhhh cos deep shit is SO hard to translate correctly. just know that jungsu was being emo)

eeteuk; a few days ago, after our performance i went back to SM, & the son of the composer of our song was there as well. i asked him how old he was, & he said ten, & that he has a girlfriend, he even said that he’s very popular.
eunhyuk; such a small kid, & so precocious.
eeteuk; hearing him say this, i even jokingly said to the members that these days kids are really quick. but when i quietly thought about it, when i was ten i also thought that i was grown up, & i also had a girlfriend that i liked.
eunhyuk; definitely, a girl you like, & popularity.
eeteuk; once you grow up you slowly forget things from your childhood, & feel like kids nowadays are really quick. but you were once like that as well.
eeteuk; now, in my own house, i still keep all the love letters i received since grade school.
eeteuk; me too.
eunhyuk; really? you kept it all?
eeteuk; yes.
eunhyuk; yes, i can’t throw them as well.
eeteuk; i only keep those that mean the most.
eunhyuk; i keep them all.

eeteuk; recently i’ve been filming at a certain university, & i saw the jajangmyun delivery boy listening to ‘sorry sorry’ loudly. really thank everyone for liking our new song.
eunhyuk; & also a few days ago our sukira producer went to noraebang, & she said that our song has already appeared in noraebangs.
eeteuk; she sang it quite a few times.
eunhyuk; & when she was leaving she heard other rooms singing it as well, i was deadly happy.
eeteuk; yes yes. this song will definitely continue to be popular.
eunhyuk; yes, we’ll work hard, everyone please follow us.

eeteuk; last saturday (14th) during mbc music core, during rehearsals when i started dancing i felt that my pants were very cooling & i was suspicious. so while dancing i was feeling the back of my pants & realized that my pants had split.
eunhyuk; your pants split?
eeteuk; you didn’t know?
eunhyuk; i didn’t know~ really?
eeteuk; once we started the dance, there was the move with the splits, after that i felt a unique kinda of coolness. at that time, my pants were the kind that covered the tummy, & the entire part covering my butt had split.
eunhyuk; so what did you do?
eeteuk; i went offstage.
eunhyuk; really? just stay onstage & dance.
eeteuk; yeah, i went onstage & continued dancing again.
eunhyuk; oh?
eeteuk; you didn’t know right? lol
eunhyuk; really? how did you do it?
eeteuk; before the live show, i used pins to fix it temporarily.
eunhyuk; ohoh, after rehearsals, the fans at the front didn’t see?
eeteuk; they didn’t.

eeteuk; it’s said that how a guy treats his mum before getting married is how he’ll treat his wife when he is married. if that is true, i’m done for. usually i don’t even call home, & when mum calls i’ll pick up & say “hello? i’m busy now, we’ll talk later”.
eunhyuk; everyone, if you have the idea to marry eeteuk, please discard them.
eeteuk; about 500,000 people have this idea~
eunhyuk; really? that’s a little fewer than me, i prolly have two million~
eeteuk; really? my 500,000 were picked from another two million~
eunhyuk; if this many people can purchase our album…
both; lol

eeteuk; our shindong, we’re already in the year 2009, but when he watched the exciting moment in 2002 when ahn junghwan’s header made the goal, he still cried.
eunhyuk; usually he looks lively, but actually he’s always crying.
eeteuk; yes, he can really cry. those that can laugh also really know how to cry. recently, watching baseball games he’ll cry too; he says that watching these easily move him.
eunhyuk; i can understand his feelings, but just can’t cry.
eeteuk; but whatever it is, we’re in 2009, he watched the 2002 world cup & he can still cry; he really can cry.

original korean to chinese credits; Kimseohye BLG
translation credits; fragment @