tl note; now in sukira there’s a corner where it’s ‘listen to the song & guess the word’, & in the the following part the answer is ‘sky’, & a listener sent in a wrong answer)

listener; ah~ i can’t guess it, but is it yesung oppa’s nickname, ‘cloud’?
eunhyuk; yesung hyung’s nickname is ‘injoong’ ah, ‘injoong’~
eeteuk; ‘cloud’ isn’t his nickname, he gave himself that name.
eunhyuk; his name in hanja has the meaning of ‘cloud’, so he called himself that.
eeteuk; yesung’s real nickname is…
eunhyuk; injoong, injoong~
eeteuk; artist’s vocal chords.
eunhyuk; sensitive personality.

(tl note; just in case you guys don’t know, injoong is the philtrum, the area between your nose & upper lip)

090323 – 2AM are their guests
eeteuk; the four members of 2AM came to sukira last month, but in reality we not only met them yesterday, but also the day before yesterday.
2AM; two days before that as well.
eunhyuk; it feels like we meet every day.
2AM; even more than we see our mums.
eunhyuk; & yesterday during inkigayo, at the final scene when davichi was accepting their award, eeteuk kept pulling on jokwon into the camera screen, what were you trying to do, eeteuk?
eeteuk; i wanted to appear onscreen with him~ i personally really love the 2AM kids. & sunbaedeul have a particularly good impression of 2AM, everyone likes tham so much; very polite.
eunhyuk; the last time when we had a meal with the sukira team, one of 2AM’s managers also came, & he was loudly praising you all.
2AM; a while ago two of the managers from our entertainment company resigned, & before they left they repeatedly warned us that we must be careful of the super junior bunch of people, & they particularly said to be vigilant about teuk hyung. yesterday’s instance of taking care of us was really like being scared by a dragon~

eeteuk; eunhyuk, when you leave the house do you pay attention to your dressing?
eunhyuk; of course~ i’ve never just casually worn a piece of clothing & left the house before. i’ve always paid attention to my dressing, & even if i did just casually pick something to wear, my body frame is such a great clothes hanger, that whatever i wear it’ll look great. whatever it is, i’ve always paid attention to what i wear, especially recently.
eeteuk; then do you diligently wash your face & mouth daily?
eunhyuk; yes, i wash everyday.
eeteuk; originally you didn’t do it everyday, did you?
eunhyuk; uhm…

eeteuk; (asking the guests) everyone, when you meet the girl you like, have you used your own song to confess to her?
guests; nope, never. eeteuk you must have done it before, using your song to confess!
eeteuk; i haven’t~
guests; who believes that~?
eeteuk; i really haven’t!
guests; don’t worry we won’t make you sing the song you used. then eunhyuk must had used dance to confess, right?
eunhyuk; i guess you can say that. but it wasn’t the obvious kind. it was just during a performance in school, & when i was on stage i stood in front of her on purpose.

eeteuk; today sweet sorrow are our guests, & tablo has been asking me to help them, “teukah, kindly help us, pick up our call~” so…
eunhyuk; so let’s pick up~
eeteuk; pick up?
sweet sorrow; we don’t really feel like picking up…
both; oh? we’re through~
eeteuk; hello?
kangin; what call is this, we didn’t say we’re taking calls.
shindong; hello?
tablo; who is this?
eeteuk; who are you all?
kangin; wait, isn’t this little dried fish’s voice?
sungmin; the voice sounds quite familar~
eunhyuk; this isn’t little dried fish.
eeteuk; who you you all?
tablo; who are you?
shindong; wait~
tablo; wait wait wait, this is dream radio.
eeteuk; yes, dream radio.
eunhyuk; dream radio right? please send us jajangmyun!
tablo; so it’s eeteuk & eunhyuk ah~
shindong; isn’t it a live broadcast over there?
tablo; we’re competing radio programs~ you guys are doing a live broadcast, right?
eeteuk; we’re not competing, we’re sorry. we’re there~ we’re sukira over here…here…here…
tablo; you being a dj, how can you not be able to speak properly?
eeteuk; over here sweet sorrow have come, everyone please say hello~
sweet sorrow; hello everyone~
kangin; wait, we can’t make them become guests over the phone. we must make them our guests.
sweet sorrow; did you hear us talking?!
woojin; kanginah! kangin!
kangin; jinhwan?
woojin; i’m your woojin hyung ah~
kangin; oh oh, hello hyung~ sorry, lately my brain hasn’t been that great.
tablo; really thankful that sukira has called us today. first, please introduce yourselves~
eeteuk; so you’re busy, bye! truthfully, now there’s a lot of people listening to sukira & dream radio simultaneously… yah! are you listening to me?
kangin; we win. here at dream radio-
tablo; here we have three djs!
kangin; thank you for calling, we’ll send you a great present.
eeteuk; please do. let’s not be superfluous, & converse more.
tablo; we’ll give you both a spa experience.
eeteuk; thank you really. here, sweet sorrow have… hello?
tablo; sweet sorrow are there~
eeteuk; yes, they’ve come-
tablo; understood, you guys have sweet sorrow as guests over there, we have super junior as guests over here.
eeteuk; yes yes. here sweet sorrow have prepared a present.
sweet sorrow; we’re gonna give a present, tablo, please listen well.
tablo; yes, i know, i feel bad~
eeteuk; then let’s listen intently~
(sweet sorrow sing a special harmonious version of ‘sorry sorry’ with the members’ name at the end)
eeteuk; tablo tablo! how is the reaction over there?
shindong; thank you for calling us with such an exciting show of talent.
sweet sorrow; thank you for your compliment, do you want us to do it again?
eeteuk; super junior members! sweet sorrow has prepared this present amidst their busyness, how do you feel?
kangin; we… we also prepared a present.
eeteuk; what present?
kangin; please listen intently.
(kangin guides everyone to prepare first)
eeteuk; there’s no time, please hurry a little.
(everyone sings sweet sorrow’s ‘i love you’)
shindong; sorry, we haven’t perfected it. next week we’ll give it to you.
eeteuk; well then give it next week.
tablo; it’s okay it’s okay.
sweet sorrow; you guys are eliminated.
eeteuk; tablo! it’s been a while since we called, how are things over there now?
tablo; we’re bloody popular.
eeteuk; the listeners are there?
tablo; actually they aren’t considered listeners. we didn’t invite them, but they came by themselves.
eeteuk; we have a lot of listeners here as well.
(sweet sorrow applaud)
tablo; you guys just gathered around the mic & cheered right?
kangin; when it’s 12 the few of you quickly go home kay.
eunhyuk; tablo! over there, dj shindong & kangin are doing well right.
shindong; thank you for your compliment.
tablo; yes, in super junior shindong & kangin are great djs, but your program, you two…
eeteuk; you look after you own program!
kangin; eeteuk! eeteuk! over there is your dj danny still around?
eeteuk; danny just wet to the washroom.
shindong; then let me say one last thing.
eeteuk; say it say it.
shindong; everyone, you’re now listening to mbc.
eeteuk; this is kbs.
tablo; mbc 91.9 dream radio.
kangin; thank you sukira for your call, we have to go to commercial time now.
eeteuk; go listen to your commercials~ hello? hello?
sweet sorrow; it’s crazy disorderly over there.
eeteuk; hello hello? they hung up…
eunhyuk; ah they left.

eunhyuk; there’s a listener that says that she only keeps in constant contact with only two or three of her friends, & that she wants to talk on the phone with eunteuk oppadeul every day. that’s right, actually, basically the friends that i constantly keep in contact with are only a few, i too only have one or two, two or three of them.
eeteuk; i don’t have any.
eunhyuk; not even one or two?
eeteuk; yes, i really don’t.
eunhyuk; then you can text sukira.
eeteuk; but recently i’ve been in contact with kangta hyung. he sent me a text saying, “teukah i really miss you”.
eunhyuk; we should also go see him.
eeteuk; i said, “as long as hyung calls out, no matter when or where, i’ll fly there”. you saw that text right?
eunhyuk; yes, i did.
eeteuk; i’m just this kind of loyal peron lol
eunhyuk; good… i’m really envious of you. i too wanna keep in contact with kangta hyung.but didn’t you say that you don’t have friends that you keep in constant contact with, right?
eeteuk; none.
eunhyuk; but among our members there’s one that’s constantly holding his phone talking nonsense & refusing to hang up, right?
eeteuk; yes, the person who refuses to hang up…
both; DONGHAE!
eeteuk; during sukira, he’ll always call & say, “hyung where are you? quick come~ quick come~”.
eunhyuk; how can he be so silly~ sukira is a live broadcast, & he wants us to quickly go.
eeteuk; he still says, “but i miss you~”

original korean to chinese credits; Kimseohye BLG
translation credits; fragment @