(Let the train carries our love)

Chapter 5

Starring: Kyumin (main), Hanchul, Kangteuk, Eunhae

Current music: Why I Like You by Super Junior

Summary: Sungmin accidentally met Kyuhyun in a journey on train. Sungmin has a feeling toward Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun seems very cool and Sungmin doesn’t have courage to tell him. “He was so busy playing games so he didn’t notice it. He even didn’t notice that I stared at him intensely. It seemed like I fell in love to him. I never fall in love before. The first time I saw him, I knew this feeling. At the first time I knew what is love.”

(Sungmin POV)

“We are here~” Said Kyuhyun. We were standing in front of a bookstore. “Come on, Sungmin-ssi.” He leaded me into the bookstore.

“Hmm~” I nodded. “Kyuhyun-ssi.”

“Yes? What’s up, Sungmin-ssi?” He turned around and looked at me directly.

“Ngg~ Ummm~ Would you just call me Sungmin?”

“Ah! Sure~ I’m about to say it to you. Why don’t you call me Kyuhyun?”

“Okay, Kyuhyun.” I smiled. “You should call me hyung. I’m two years older.” I pouted.

“Really? Sorry, Sungmin hyung. Since you look more little than me, I thought you were just a middle school student..”


“Hahaha. Sorry~ But you look younger. Really.” He made V.

“Never mind. You should be hurry and find your books. You said that you have to come back home early.” I dragged him into bookstore.

He looked so serious finding his books. I was curious what kind of book that he like to read. I kept following him and watched what he was doing.

“Hyung, why don’t you get your books?” He asked me while picking up some books.

“Me? I have known what book that I want to buy. I’ll accompany you and watch if you buy porn book.” I stuck my tongue.

“PORN BOOK???!!!!!!!!” He shouted really loud. I hurried covering his mouth. People in bookstore were watching us. I looked down to the floor.

“Yah… You. Cho Kyuhyun. You don’t need to say it out loud. It was like I was telling you to buy porn book.” I whispered while covering his mouth and still looking down to floor.

“Sohiii, hynggggg. I wah shochhh.” He explained with his mouth was still covered by my hands.

“What?” I teased him.

“Yah! &*%$#@&*%!!” He shouted again, but I pressed my hands. Then he licked my hands.

“Yah, Cho Kyuhyun!! Jaiiissshh!! Ewwww~” I cleaned my hands to his shirt. He laughed. People kept staring at us with disgusting look.

“Hahaha! Take my revenge.” He said. Seeing his laughter and smile made me happy. I joined him laughing. Then he took tissue from his bag. “Clean it first. It must be smell bad because I forgot to brush my teeth.”

“Hah? You did?” I smelled my hands. He hurried took them and cleaned them.

“I was kidding. I brushed them. Look! They are clean.” He showed me his full white teeth trough his wide smile. I smiled. He was cute. I thought he was cool and an anti-social, but now I know that he is naughty and childish.

“But, Kyu… Honestly it smelled bad.” I said innocent.

“Really? Sorry…” He kept cleaning my palm with tissue. “It’s clean now. Hygienist.” He looked at my palm and blew it. It was funny seeing him did that. Cute. Totally child-look-like.

“Hmmm~ But it is still smell bad.” I smelled my palm.

“I think you should cut your hands off to lose the smell.”

“WHAT? No. How can I write then? Eat? Bath? Study? And… Take your wallet if you leave it on the train?”

“I’ll lend you my hands then. And you can remind me about my wallet, Min-hyung.” He showed me his palms. I was totally touched till he said, “$5 per minute. Because you had helped me, I’ll give you discount. 5% only.”

“Forget it. You just ruined my heart after touching it with your previous words.” I said and walked to find my book. “Have you done?”

“You were touched? I really mean it. Not yet. I wanna find some novels and math books.” He went to another bookshelf. I kept watching him from a far while finding mine. Actually I don’t know what book I wanna buy, but seeing he was very enthusiastic, I was a bit ashamed since I’m older then him.

“I shall buy something too.” I said while seeing around. Then he came again.

“Hyung!! Look at these! Which one is better?” He showed me five novels about crime and mystery.

“Wow! I never read this kind of book before. But I ever heard from my classmate that Conan Doyle is good.” I pointed at a book from Conan Doyle.

“I think so. But I like this too. This one is good too. And this too.” At the end, he wanted ALL of them. -.-

“Hmmm~ Buy them all then.” I rubbed my chin.

“No. I can’t. Umma will be angry if I buy all of them.” He shook his head.

“No more allowance?”

“Not that. There are so many books at home already and I don’t know where to keep them. I wanna give my old books to other people, but I haven’t get chance to do it.”

“What if~ You buy them and let me keep them for you first.” I was still rubbing my chin and staring at those books.

“YOU WANT?? Thank you, hyung. Let’s buy them all!!” He said happily.

“Is it nice idea?” I asked confused.

“Ofcourse. I’ll take one from you for each week and read it. Why? I make you burdened?” He looked at me.

“Hmmm~ No. I like it. I’ll save them for you. You have to take them every week or I’ll give them to Ari.” I pointed at those books.

“Ari? Who?”

“My dog. He’ll be happy biting those books.” I narrowed my eyes to him. He gulped.

“Sure. One per week.” I nodded. “Don’t let Ari bites them. They are expensive.”

“Okay. I promise.” I smiled. Yeah… At least I could see him for the next 5 weeks.

“What is it?” He looked at the book in my hands.

“This? This is Japanese conversation book.” I smiled. “You like?”

“Japanese? Oh no… Thanks. I’m learning mandarin now. And it’s a bit difficult.”

“Really? My appa is Chinese.” I said.

“Ha? How can? You can talk mandarin?” He asked curiously.

“That’s a long love story between my umma and appa. I can. Just a little.”

“You should teach me then.”

“Yeah… Let’s pay. I’m hungry.” I walked to the cashier.

“Me too. Oh, my stomach is getting earthquake.” He joked.

“Stomachquake?” I joked too. He smiled widely. Showing his full white teeth. Honestly, there was no smell on my palms. I just found it funny seeing his reaction. Sorry, Kyuhyun-ah…

We paid the books. I was a bit shocked seeing the price of his books. I thought that he must be from rich family. I saw some cards and money in his wallet before.

“Count his too, ahjussi.” He said and took my book from my hands.

“No. No. I’ll pay mine.” I took it again. He stared at me deep and directly. Made me frowned and let the book went to his hands. The ahjussi smiled.

“That’s a man pride, miss. He wants to pay it for you because of love.” The ahjussi laughed.

“Miss? I’m man.” I complained.

“Hah? Really?” He was shocked and looked at me unbelief. I just pouted seeing his expression. Kyuhyun laughed too besides me.

“It’s okay. He is joking.” He whispered me. Not helping.

“Okay. Thank you for shopping. Don’t buy porn book okay?” Said Ahjussi. We were shocked. I hurriedly bowed my head down. Kyuhyun just laughed.

“We were joking, ahjussi. Hahaha.” He laughed bitterly.

We walked around the city. Searching for a nice restaurant. The weather was nice, just a bit cool since it was going to winter. Some people were walking too. Not so crowd. Usually on Sunday, Ilsan is full with people. Maybe because it was cool, people just stayed at home with their family. Meanwhile I was here with a boy named Cho Kyuhyun who is two years older than me.

I kept staring at him. His head turned right and left, searching for restaurant or café. His eyes were bright. Sometimes when our eyes met, he smiled at me. Nothing word came from his mouth. “He must be hungry.” I thought. We kept walking for 20 minutes. Maybe if I went with Ryeowook, it would be boring. But with him, I didn’t fell bored. My legs kept following wherever he went. And I forgot about my hurt ankle. My eyes kept looking at what he was looking at.

“How about here, hyung?” He asked and we stopped in front of a white-chocolate building. I guessed it was not restaurant, just a café. But the view was wonderful. There were flower booming on the garden. I wondered if there were such a beautiful flower blooming at this kind of weather.

“Okay. I like it.” I said. He smiled at me and walked inside.

“Sometimes I ate here with my family. Let’s sit.” He offered me a seat crossed his.

“Thank you…” I felt like a princess having lunch with her prince. “With your family?”

“Yes, my umma, appa, my sister and two of my brother.” He said while offered me the menu. “What do you want to eat?”

“Hmmm~” I was scanning the foods on the menu. “What did you use to eat here?”

“Pork chop or beefsteak. Please get me beefsteak and ice tea.” He ordered to the waitress.

“Ice tea?? No. Get him hot tea.” I told the waitress. “How can you drink ice tea in this such weather.” I complained.

“Yeah… Please get me hot tea before he complains again” He said while looking at me.

“That’s right. Get me beefsteak too and vanilla milkshake. Thank you.” I gave the menu to waitress and smiled. The waitress noted down the orders and went away.

“It’s warm here.” Kyuhyun sighed and looked at the view outside.

“Yeah~ It’s pretty.” I said. I breathed on the window. It made dew there. I found it cute and start blowing on the window. Kyuhyun was smiling.

“You are a kid, aren’t you? Hahaha. Don’t tell me that you wanna draw there.” He said while I was going to point my finger there.

“Hehe.” I giggled. “Drawing is one of hobby anyway.” I kept blowing and drawing on the window.


“Yes. Umma loves painting. She is a lecture of art.” I said.

“Wow~ She gave you her talent.” Kyu said while watching me drawing.

“By the way, Kyu… I think we are close now.” I faced him and stop drawing.

“I think so. You even call me Kyu like my family. It feels like I have been knowing you for several years.” He said. I didn’t know that he had the same thought with me.

“About you family… You said that you often went here to eat with your family.” The foods had come and we kept continuing the conversation.

“Yeah… Sometimes. But when my older sister and brother study abroad, we came here rarely.” He said while taking a fork and clean it with napkin.

“You have three siblings?” I asked and bite the beefsteak. “Hmmm~ It’s yummy.”

“You like it? I like it the best.” He smiled and took one bite too. “No. I just have one siblings, but my cousins live with us. For me, they are my blood-siblings.”

“Ooooh~ It must be fun having many siblings, isn’t it? I just have one younger brother, Ryeowook.” I munched the beefsteak.

“Ah, Ryeowook! He answered my call this morning.”

“He is at the same age with you. He said your voice is cool.”

“Really? We can be good friends then. Where does he study?”

“In Dukwon Art.” I answered. I saw Kyuhyun was thinking something.

“Dukwon… I will have choir competition there next week. I hope that I can meet him there. Will he join it too?”

“I guess so. He has practiced really hard nowadays. Now his voice is a bit crack and umma doesn’t let him drink something cool and eat spicy food.” I said. “You better be careful. He is the lead singer on his school choir.” I teased him.

“I don’t think I can beat him. I haven’t practice anything yet since I often skip the rehearsal with my group. But I’m sure that I’ll enjoy his performance.” His face turned serious.

“Hahahaha. Don’t be too serious. He is just a newcomer at his school. I lied. He is not a lead singer, but in church, he is.” I laughed. His face turned bright.

“Hmmm~ By any chance, will you come and see the competition?” He asked and gulped the hot tea. “Awww! It’s hot.”

“Blow it first, Mt. Cho. You are such a careless person.” I was nagging. He nodded his head. “Of course I’ll come. My umma and appa will come too. We even have dress code.” I sighed embarrassing.

“Haha. It’s cute. Good then. We can meet there. Clap for me too when I’m on stage.” He said.

“Hmmm.” I nodded and chewing my beefsteak.

The weather was not joking. Cold. I could see smoke came out from Kyuhyun’s nose when he breathed and from his mouth when he talked. But I didn’t regret coming to this place. There were flower blooming outside. I could see people walking trough the window. Tasty beefsteak and sweet vanilla milkshake. And of course a-handsome-like-prince accompanying me to eat lunch here.

After paying the foods, we decided to come back home since the weather was so cold. I could see his cheek turned red. Like a Mongolian on the Everest. Fortunately walking made us kept warm even tough we didn’t wear thick cloth or jacket.

We arrived on at train station after 20 minutes walking. Bought the ticket and waited there. He looked at his watch, “1.10 pm. We are not late, Sungmin-hyung. The train will arrive soon. Ah! It is here!” I followed where his eyes aiming to. The train was coming.

“You are right. Don’t forget your bag and books. Your wallet too.” I teased him and stood up from the bench.

“I will not forget, hyung.” He pouted. “Let’s get on. I don’t want to stand. I’m tired walking.”

“Haha. You are too spoiled.” I followed him entering the train. There were some empty seats. “Let’s sit here.”

“Sure.” He said.

The train started to leave the station. I sighed. I was really tired, Kyuhyun was too. We were in silent for some minutes. Then I remembered the books.

“Kyu, what book do you want to read first?” I asked and opened the plastic bag.

“Hmm… Let me see.” He took some books from my hands. “What do you think?”

“I don’t know. Those are yours. I even don’t know what books are those.”

“I’ll read this first.” He put one book to his bag and gave me the rests.

“A Scandal in Bohemia II? Good. Conan Doyle.” I smiled. “Here your math books”

“Thanks.” He took them and put them inside his bag. I saw many books in his bag. Most of them are ‘Math Problem Solving’.

“You must be good in math.” I said while watching him arranging his books.

“Not really.”

“Then why did you buy so many math books?” I pointed at those math books inside his bag.

“I’m going to join math Olympiad next month in Seoul, so I have to study harder.”

“Wow! Where do you go to school?” I remembered that I haven’t ask him about it yet even though I knew it already. ‘Yumkwang Senior High School’. That’s written on his student card.

“Yumkwang.” He answered. “How about you, hyung?”

“Kyunggi High School.”

“Ehh~ Not the same with your brother?” He was surprised.

“No. I’m not good at art like him.” I shook my head and smiled.

“Oooh.” He nodded. “But you can draw and pain beautifully.”

“Hah? Hahaha! No no no. It’s not good. That’s just my hobby.” I crossed my finger.

He stared at my Japanese book that I was holding, “How’s your Japanese?”

“Not good. I’m learning. Hajimemashite! Watashi wa Sungmin desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” I talked in Japanese. He seemed confused.

“Hai! Hai!&%^*#@&**!$%@#&*.” He said.

“Yah! What’s that?” I asked.

“Isn’t it Japanese? Not sound a like?”

“Hahaha!” I laughed. “I thought it was mandarin. It sounded like what my appa talked at home.”

“Ahh~ What a shame.” He covered his face. “Hyung, since you already at the last grade, where do you want to do next? Study at university?”

“Yeah… I have applied some applications to Japan. I wanna study there.”

“Cool~ That’s why you learn Japanese.” He smiled widely. “I wanna go there too.”

“Sure. You have to go there one day. It is so beautiful.” I imagined how Japan is.

“Hi, Kibum. You are here!” Kyuhyun greeted in front of us. I guessed he was same age with Kyuhyun. A little bit chubby and sweet smile.

“Hi, Kyuhyun. Why are you here?” He asked.

“I just finished shopping in Ilsan with… Ah, this is Sungmin-hyung.”

“Hi. I’m Lee Sungmin.” I shook Kibum’s hand.

“Hi, hyung. I’m Kibum. Nice to meet you. I’m Kyuhyun’s classmate.” He smiled.

“Nice to meet you.” I smiled too. “Wow! It seems like Yumkwang has many cute boys like them.” I thought.

“I have to get off now. Have a nice day. Bye~” Kibum waved at us and got off on the next station.

“What is he doing, Kyu?” I asked curiously.

“He will back to dorm. He said he has to practice for next drama competition.”

I remembered that the officer on train station said that Kyuhyun always used train on Saturday noon and Monday morning. “Kyu, you live in dorm too?”

“Yes. Yumkwang’s student have to live in dorm. He explained.

“Oooh. When you will come back to dorm then?”

“Tomorrow morning. Hyung will use the train too right?”

“Yes. I always go to school with train.”

“Why I never see you before? It’s weird.”

“Yeah. I felt so.” I nodded.

One by one, the train became empty. Just some people were still there, included Kyuhyun and me. He seemed sleepy, so I decided to not talk to him. Let him rest a bit. Finally he closed his eyes and slept. I enjoyed the trip very much. It took about 30 minutes from Ilsan to my town. Thanks God that today was not so crowded like usual, so I could sit happily with Kyuhyun.

“We are no at xxx Station. Don’t forget to check your things.”

It surprised me from my deep thought. Kyuhyun opened his eyes. “We arrive?” He asked. I just nodded and stood up. Helping him to carry his luggage. “No no. I’ll carry these.” He smiled.

“It’s almost 2 pm now.” I checked time on my phone.

“Let’s go home now. Our parents must be worried since we promised to come home early.” Kyuhyun dragged me off the train.

No more words came from our mouth. Seem he was still sleepy. He rubbed his eyes. “It’s cold now.” I said while grabbing air. “Hiiiiy~” I giggled.

“Hmmm~” He nodded. “Huaaahhm~ I’m sleepy. Last night I couldn’t sleep well. I got weird dream.” He yawned.

“Weird dream? What dream?” I asked in curiosity.

“I dreamt that y-yo… No. It’s nothing. Hahaha.” He was thinking a bit then crossed his finger. Even rubbed his head.

“Heee~ You made me curious.”

“Sorry… I can’t tell it to you.” He was begging for apologize.

“It’s okay. I have weird dream too. But it’s beautiful I think.” I smiled.

“What? About me?” He smirked.

“Haaah? NO! NOT about you.” I declined. “How can you know? Aiiih~” I thought and biting my lower lips.

“Hahaha! Why are you scared? I’m just kidding.” He laughed and slapped my hand. “Ah, hyung. I turn to right. Where is your home?”

“This way.” I pointed to the left.

“Aaa~ Okay then. Tell my greetings to your family. I can’t visit them today. Bye~” He waved his hand and left.

“I’ll tell them. Bye~” I waved my hand, still standing there to see his back. “Yah~ Even his back is so gorgeous too.” I admired.

Neon ije jeongmal amooreohji anhnyamyeonseo neon iddageum byeol il anin deut naege moodji

My phone rang, “Hello, umma.”

“Where are you? You said you wanna eat lunch with us. It’s past 2 pm now.” Said my mom from the other phone.

“Sorry… I’m on my way home now. Wait me. Saranghae~” I hung up. “I’m in trouble.” I ran. My umma is a type that will nag as long as she wants. Thinking about it made me afraid. “SPEED UP!!” I ran faster.

(Kyuhyun POV)

“Yah…” I sat on my bed and relaxed. “Where’s my book?” I demolished my bag. Found it between my math books. I stood up and grabbed my glasses. Wearing it while took a seat on my chair.

I opened the first page. Then looked at the window in front of me. “Raining…” I grumbled. “Tonight will be so cold.” I saw the clock. 8 pm.

o nan geu nuga nuga mworaedo naneun sanggwan eopdago~

I took my phone. There was a message. “Kyuhyun-ah, thanks for buying me the book. Next time I’ll buy you one too. Today is fun. Good night. –Sungmin-“

I smiled. I replied his text, “Never mind. Just my thanks to you for helping me keep the wallet. Let’s go play and eat together again. Good night. J -Kyuhyun-“

He didn’t reply again. Maybe he already felt asleep. Suddenly I felt not interested to read the book. I tried to breath on the window. Making dew like Sungmin did before. But I thought that I’m not cute enough to do it. I also drew there, but not so good as his. Everything that he did was so cute. I wondered why there was someone like him in this world.

Suddenly I grabbed my phone. Text someone. “See you tomorrow, hyung. Don’t let Ari bites my books. ^^ -Kyuhyun-“

I dazed into the view outside. Next five minutes my phone rang. Surprising me. “Who is it?” I opened the text and read it. “Haha. He is interested with them. Let him licks them then. I’m just kidding. :p Sleep well, Kyuhyun-ah. Don’t forget to bring jacket tomorrow. It’s cold. Brrrrr! –Sungmin-“

No, he can’t do that or I’ll bite him. Grrrr! Sure. Bring yours too. –Kyuhyun-“ I couldn’t stop smiling. I closed my phone and went to sleep.

“Sleep already?” Donghae came to the room.

“Yeah. I’m tired and I’m full now. Umma asked me to eat all of the foods since I didn’t eat lunch at home.” I caressed my stomach.

“Hahaha! Okay. I’ll turn off the lamp, Kyu. I’ll be at downstairs, okay? Good night.” He turned off the lamp and closed the door. I could hear his steps on stairs.

“Night. Huaaahhhm~” I yawned. “Let’s sleep.” I closed my eyes.

To be continued

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