(Let the train carries our love)

Chapter 6

Starring: Kyumin (main), Hanchul, Kangteuk, Eunhae

Current music: Love Love Love by Epic High

Summary: Sungmin accidentally met Kyuhyun in a journey on train. Sungmin has a feeling toward Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun seems very cool and Sungmin doesn’t have courage to tell him. “He was so busy playing games so he didn’t notice it. He even didn’t notice that I stared at him intensely. It seemed like I fell in love to him. I never fall in love before. The first time I saw him, I knew this feeling. At the first time I knew what is love.”

(Kyuhyun POV)

“Kyu… When are you going to wake up, dear?” Umma sat on my bed. Stroking my hair. “It’s 6 already.”

“Hmmm…” I rubbed my eyes. “Let me sleep more. Nggg~” I rolled in my blanket.

“Hah~” Umma sighed.

“We wait you downstairs in 5 minutes, Kyu. If you don’t come, just wait…” I heard appa’s voice in front of the door.

“Kyuhyun baby… Come on. Wake up or appa will be angry.” Umma caressed my cheek. I turned my body and opened my eyes to see umma.

“Umma, let me rest in home.” I blinked.

“No.” Appa entered my room. “You already had long holidays on last summer. Wake up now or train will leave you. Come on~” Appa threw my blanket.

“He wants back-ride, honey.” Umma winked.

“Ha?” Appa shocked. “He is heavier than me now.”

“Really? Appa is fat now.” I teased. “Like bear.”

“Cute bear.” Umma said.

“Fine if you want it. Hurry up!” Appa was ready to take me. I stood up and rode on appa’s back. “Aiiish~ As expected you are heavy. What’s your weight now, my boy?”

“68 kg.” I answered. “Can you bring me?” I doubted appa.

“Ugggh~ Of course I can.” He brought me downstairs. “You like it right? Uggh! Kyu, you should do diet.”

“Yah!” Donghae choked. “Appa, are you okay?” He ran toward us and left his breakfast when appa took me down. “What are you doing??” Donghae slapped my back. He was angry.

“You want it too, boy?” Appa asked Hae. Donghae was surprised.

“What are you talking about?” He said.

“I’m still 44 you know. You are my son too. I haven’t taken you to back-ride yet. Come on~” Appa took his hands and got ready. I laughed. But suddenly Hae hugged appa. Crying suddenly. I widened my eyes, same as umma who was standing near the stairs.

“Don’t do it. Enough, appa. Enough.” Hae was still crying. Appa hugged him tightly.

“Hae… My son… Don’t cry. You hurt me and umma.” I saw appa’s shirt was getting soaked because of his tears. Umma was teary too. I walked to her and hugged her.

“Don’t cry, umma.” I said. She just smiled at me.

“Hae… Come here…” Umma stretched her arms, waiting for Donghae hugged her. I saw Hae’s eyes. Asking him to hug umma. He did. Umma swept his tears. “Aigoo~ my Hae is crying. Who made you cry? Appa will be angry to him/her.”

I smiled. I could see Hae couldn’t help but smile too. “Umma, you remind me the first time you reached my hands. Ugh~ I hate being weak in front of my umma.” He swept his tears.

“We’ll see you often in Seoul later, Hae. I’ll cook porridge for you.” Umma kissed his cheek and smiled.

“Me?” I pouted. “I want pork chop.”

“I’ll cook it for you.” Appa said. “Let’s eat. You are getting late.” He dragged me to breakfast.

“Appa, take me on back-ride again since Hae didn’t want.” I chased after appa.

“In your dream.” Appa took a fried egg and put it on my plate. “Eat. Let your umma be with Hae now.” He looked at Hae who was still hugging umma.

“Don’t be jealous…” I teased.

“Eat your breakfast.” Appa hit my head.

“Okay okay…” I took a bite of the egg. Seeing Hae was hugging umma was the most beautiful sight. He often did it whenever he felt lonely. I never felt jealous, because for me, Hae is my brother. His real mom often hugged me too and said, “Kyu, be a nice boy and keep holding on Donghae.” Yeah… I remembered. Even Hae’s smile is same with her.

“Kyu, you better hurry up! Or you can’t meet Sungmin.” Hae sat beside me and continued his breakfast. I choked.

“WHAT? S-s-sung-min… How can y-you…?

He took something from his pocket. My phone. “Never mind. Just my thanks to you for helping me keep the wallet. Let’s go play and eat together again. Good night. Kyuuu-Hyuuun…“ He smirked.

“So, you went to Ilsan with that friend, Kyu?” Umma was pouring milk to my glass. I gulped.

“Yeah… My new friend.” I was sweating.

“Wallet? Why did he keep your wallet?” Appa asked while reading his newspaper.

“Hahaha…” *Bitterlaughter. I stared at Donghae. “You… Just wait.” He stuck his tongue.

I explained why Sungmin kept my wallet. I thought they would be angry, but instead of angry, appa said, “You should tell us, Kyu. So, we could help you to find it.” Umma was nodding too. I relieved.

“Go take a bath, dear…” Umma rubbed my back.

“How about Hae?” I looked at Donghae. He was grinning.

“No school today. I’m free. But I’ll go to school later at 9 am because I have to check my administration for college.” He went to sink and helped umma washing.

“Heee? You didn’t tell me.”

“You were too busy with Sungmin. Haha.” He laughed. I slapped his back.

“Non-sense!” I went upstairs and took a bath. I heard umma and appa laughed too.

I kept grumbling while taking a bath. I couldn’t imagine if Hae leaves home. Leaving umma here. I remembered when Ahra and Donghwa left, umma couldn’t stop crying at home. But she didn’t cry in front of them. She pretended that she was strong. “Sungmin is going to join university soon.” I thought. “Ah! What am I thinking?” I continued washing my hair.

I took my uniform from drawer and wore it as fast as possible. I checked my appearance in front of mirror then took my bag. I saw the book I bought yesterday on my desk and put it inside my bag. I went downstairs and kissed umma’s cheek. “I’m off.”

“Wait! Your tie, Kyu. Aigoo~ How can you go like this? Look at your hair.” Umma tied the tie on my neck. Appa came and combed my hair. “Seems like you will always be here with us, Kyu. You can’t take care of yourself.” Umma was nagging.

“Hehe. I take care of myself well in dorm, umma. Don’t worry.” I took my shoes and put them on. Hae was watching me. “What?”

“No. This is your coat, Kyu.” He gave me my long black coat. “And your jacket. Put it in your bag.” He said.

“Ah, thank you. I forgot.” I excused.

“Sungmin will be angry if he knows. He asked you to bring it last night.” Hae teased me.

“You saw all my messages, didn’t you?” I stood up.

“Yeah… You left it on the desk. Here.” He gave me my phone. “Don’t forget to turn it off when you reach school.”

“I know.” I grabbed it and walked to door.

“Don’t forget to call Sungmin before you turn it off.” He teased.

“Stop teasing me, Lee Donghae.” I slammed the door.

I heard umma said, “Stop it, Hae. Kyu is shy.”

“I’m not shy!!” I shouted and ran off. “Ahh~ How can I be shy?” I pouted. Without I realized, the sky was already dark. It seemed going to rain until I felt the droplets dropped on my head. “It’s raining…” I looked up to the sky, lifted my hands to catch the droplets. Then, I heard someone was coming. I turned my eyes to where the sound was coming.

I saw a cute creature was walking with his pink umbrella. I smiled immediately. He wore white uniform inside his blue jacket. Then he stopped when seeing me standing in front of him.

“KYUHYUN!!” He was shocked.

(Sungmin POV)

I was walking to train station while holding on my umbrella when I saw a familiar figure.

“KYUHYUN!!” I was shocked. He was standing in front of me. He looked so cool. Wearing black long pant, white uniform inside his jeans coat. I could see his tie was tied neatly on his neck. He was smiling. “GOD… I LOVE YOU!!” I shouted inside. “What are you doing? It’s going to rain. Come here.” I asked him to join me under my umbrella. “Look at your coat. It’s wet.”

“Haha. Thank you, hyung. Let me hold the umbrella for you.” He took the umbrella. “You are shorter.” He smirked.

“I don’t like to drink milk, that’s why I can’t grow up more.” I explained.

“Haha! I don’t like it too.” He said. “But my appa is tall, so I grew up well.”

“My appa is tall too. Umma too. But Ryeowook and me are short.”

“It’s okay… You won’t be this cute if you are tall.” He smiled. Cute? Deg deg deg… My heart started beating. “Your cheek is red. Is it that cold? He looked at my face. I looked away immediately.

“No… Hmmm~ It’s cold.” I caressed my cheek. I saw him smiling. We kept walking to the train station. I had to thank God that such in cold weather, in the morning, I could see him. Smiling and showing his white teeth and holding my umbrella.

On the train…

“Are you sleepy?” He asked me when I was yawning.

“A bit… I couldn’t sleep well last night. Ryeowook practiced singing, umma and appa helped him, so there was so much noise at home.”

“Help him?”

“Yeah… Appa was playing piano for him, and umma pretended to be a maestro. Huaaahm…” I yawned again.

“Haha. Why didn’t you join them?”

“Me? I was tired. I practiced martial art yesterday at noon, so I didn’t have any energy.”

“Martial art? Wow! I ever joined judo, then I quit because I had accident.” He smiled.


“Yes. With my family, but I was the one suffered a lot. But it’s fine now.”

“Good then. You make me worried.” I pouted. I saw some girls were looking at us. They smiled. Even there was a girl waved at us. Us? No. I thought it was for Kyuhyun. “Huaaammm~” I yawned again.

“You can lean your head down on my shoulder and sleep.” He said and slapped his shoulder. I was shocked. I could feel my blood rose to my cheek. “It’s okay. Here.” He took me closer and put my head on his shoulder. “Now sleep!”

I saw those girls shouted in chaotic. “Kyaaaaa!! He leans on him!!”

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t even close my eyes. I could smell Kyuhyun’s perfume. I could feel his shoulder was up and down when he breathed. How could I sleep in this situation?? But I enjoyed this.

“Why don’t you sleep yet?” Kyuhyun asked. “I’ll wake you up when we arrive.”

“I can’t sleep, Kyu.” I lifted my head. Staring at him.

“Haha. Okay… Just sit then. Your head is heavier than I thought.” He laughed. I slapped his hand. “Joking, hyung.” He laughed more. “You know, this morning appa gave me back ride.”

“What?? Back ride?? Oh my… Kyu, you are not kid anymore.” I was shocked.

“Yeah… I know it. I always did that when I was a child. And today I did it again. Haha. It’s embarrassing.” He covered his face with his hands.

“Haha. Sweet memories.” I laughed too.

“Appa even asked my cousin to do it too. But he refused. He even cried.”

“Why? Was he afraid? Or he thought it was childish?” I asked. “Or maybe his father never gave him ride when he was a kid.” I laughed.

You are at Kyunggi Station. Check your luggage. We are not responsible for losing your things.

“Ah, Kyu! We arrive. Let’s go.” I took his hand, but he took my hand off. I stared at him. He looked so serious.

“Is it funny? Of course he never got back ride. He didn’t have father you know.” He talked so serious. I thought he was mad at me. I was shocked and let him walked away. Then I tried to call him, but he was gone in the crowd.

“Hah…Hah…” I lost my breath. I sat on the floor. I don’t care if people were looking at me. “Kyuhyun…Sorry… Ah! Phone!” I tried to call him, but…

The number you are calling is not active; please try again in a few minutes. Leave your message after the sound bip.

“Yah! Cho Kyuhyun! Why did you leave me? I’m really sorry, I don’t know that he… doesn’t have father. I’m sorry… I shouldn’t laugh and say that. Would you accept my appolo… Bip. Time is up. You message will be saved. Thank you.” I looked at my phone. “SHIT!! Hiks… Kyuhyun-ah… Sorry…”

To be continue

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