eng sub credit : glitzyglam


”A few days ago during Dream concert I saw MBLAQ and G.O said to me: Hyung, why do you keep avoiding me so I said “That’s why you should have been good to me while I was good to you” so G.O said “Sorry hyung~~” I then said, “I have 2 phones now” then G.O “oh, hyung the number I have right now is _” I said “Oh, that’s the number I use for whatever and this other number only a select few know it.” so then G.O said “Aww hyung~ is it because I shaved my facial hair? I’ll grow it again! so then I responded “No that’s not it. You should have been good to me while I was good to you. I have a small heart”

So then I ate a meal with him.. G.O keeps insisting that he will come out on this show, but I said to him “No, it’s fine. There are a lot of singers because the World Cup season is coming up.. it’s okay, you can rest.” ~~Ahh, G.O is so cute he is probably burning up inside.

MBLAQ is really cute, they greet people well too. MBLAQ, Beast as well.. they greet people extremely well~ Almost to the point of embarrassment they greet me whenever they see me! They’ll be like “HELLO!” while I respond “Oh, hi…” oh and also C.N Blue greets people well too… but yeah G.O… gee.. and IU as well. You have to be good to me when I open my heart to you. When I opened my heart a tiny tiny bit… the person who took it was Hongki… he is smart.”

Credit: SuJuTV at YT