Super Junior’s representative here.

Fri May 28 Live at the KBS Music Bank
Super Junior ‘miinah (BONAMANA)’ you can access the stage.

Day ‘miinah (BONAMANA)’ prior record of 14:00 will be held this evening,
Fans want to participate, he fuses under the open hall in front of KBS Please check the contents,
Please come to the place would be.

“Live KBS Music Bank – pre-recorded>

* Date: 2010. 05. 28. (Fri) PM 12:00
* Venue: KBS Annex open hall

Admission time is not constant, so the room will vary depending on registration,
Please arrive early as possible. Many of you, please join us.

[How to join]

1) The entry number assigned at the top of the time am start time, has been discontinued.
Super Junior Official Fanclub ELF2 subscriber stage, The 4th Album [miinah] CD Bring instantly (有, 无)
And ‘miinah (BONAMANA)’ input history of online music, and Mobile Set 9 (rayibeubel, ring tones) of
Determine whether you become used to the number who receive a first come first served priority can be
Other contributors to the backward position.

* First come first served allocation sequence number (A-source purchases, B-rayibeubel, C-phone ringtones)

① E.L.F. 2nd Member (membership card) Super Junior The 4th Album [miinah] (CD included)
② E.L.F. 2nd Member (membership card) miinah (BONAMANA) ‘OK (A, B, C)
③ E.L.F. 2nd Member (membership card)
④ Super Junior The 4th Album [miinah] (CD included)
⑤ ‘miinah (BONAMANA)’ OK (A, B, C 中 1 types)
⑥ Not applicable

– A music purchases: Melon, lunch, Cyworld, Mnet, Bucks, muse, the sounds I use the sea 中
Sign in to alternative sites, then check your purchase history & print this page capture (check ID!)
– B rayibeubel, C cell phone ring tones through the SM at the scene confirmed by supporters!

* Source purchase history and ELF2 stage membership card with a photo ID check!
* Membership card and not only, bring your membership confirmation page!

2) Super Junior all the pre-recording of this broadcast is scheduled to participate.
Record as many minutes on the day prior to the entry will be clear early efforts, station position
Open hall depends on whether my number is acceptable. If you have a lot of participation and field personnel, depending on the situation
Yeah, you can pre-record number of entries may be unable to participate, so please note this point.
(Depending on number of issues can be stopped early.)

3) KBS Music Bank participation in the fan club is not broadcasting stations along the lines of a fan of this separate
Entries will not be an ongoing, weekly broadcast at the same time the next participant will apply.
Immediately after the broadcast from the landline phone (☏ 02-780-0423) apply with us your more details
KBS Music Bank, please see the website.

Super Junior, We will appear next week, please apply in advance bangcheonggwon! ^ ^

4) SM City supporters on the day in the field led me to minute information and instructions
, arrive at the scene, please come to the mouth, the chapter number.

5) support tool, “Pearl Sapphire Blue” will be distributed free of charge on the balloons on the day.

6) broadcast on the day ‘miinah (BONAMANA)’ mini-posters, 120 recipients or nwodeuripnida arrival.

– May 28: KBS Music Bank Super Junior Mini posters → Leader

Super Junior The 4th Album sapji event [Event ⅰ – Fan Card vouchers] and
DE Schedule  stamp will continue!


Super Junior all the personal support tool schedule (plan cards, personal banners, etc.) and use
Camcorders, mobile phones, digital cameras, tape recorders and video filming and recording all use of related equipment is prohibited.
Support tool and is not allowed illegal goods production & use, or shooting without prior consultation
If you are caught in the action opened, seized, and sent off, please do not to watch changeling geoun.

* Seized the city, taking counsel of the unit responsible for the destruction of the sludge you for your cooperation and we
“Pearl Sapphire Blue” balloon scene bring other personal support tool when scheduling
0-hole position, and returns whether it makronhayeo You will not be confiscated according to announcements please ask.

Thank you.

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– The official website of the notice when the original content as you go fir fir, please proceed.
– Notice of modification and variation can not be content, and thereby caused will not be liable for penalties.

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