In my room, there’s always a sound like something scratching the wall, and so I wondered why the sound insulation was so bad, later I figured out that it’s hyung’s little turtle, crawling continuously~ Only that he’s not so little now, so big, a few days ago I went upstairs and found my new favorite little “Class God”*, Heebum, because he lacked attention, became very temperamental, haha poor little guy, what is my dumb little Niqiu** doing at home…kind of miss him~

*the words he used were “Xiao Ban Shen” 小班神 and I’m not positive what that is but I think he just means his new favorite pet
**Zhoumi’s dog

Credit: Zhoumi’s Weibo
Translated by: Fever @

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Don’t know if there are any of you out there who just sat for the college entrance examinations, keke…Although this period of time is hard to pass, you’ve indeed never felt so free from the instant you stepped out of the exmination hall~ That feeling can be compared to the Labour day and October holidays when you were a student and more, (you) must experience the college entrance examinations at least once in your life! (I) Miss the times when I prepared for my examinations in Wu Han. Everyone has worked hard! Do relax yourself well!

Original Source: ZhouMi’s WeiBo
Translation: bulletproof@