The boy group Super Junior’s Ryeowook, who’s birthday is on the 21st, had a surprise party set up by his fellow group mates and his hoobae group, f(x), and they spent a happy day together.

Shindong, on this day, uploaded pictures and writing on his twitter, releasing a picture of the surprise party held for Ryeowook at a highway rest area.

Super Junior and f(x), on the 20th at 8 PM, appeared at Gyeongsangnam-do, Tongyeong-si for a concert titled ‘One heart Big Concert.’ After their performances, on the way back to Seoul, Ryeowook, whose birthday was
right after midnight, had a surprise party held for him.

Shindong uploaded short messages of, “After the Tongyeong performance, on the way back, we celebrated Ryeowook’s birthday at a highway rest area” as well as “(They who celebrated with us) thank you so much f(x) dongsengs.”

Source: Star News
Translator: mongoosedragon
Credit: Aff(x)tion forum
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