(Let the train carries our love)

Chapter 7

Starring: Kyumin (main), Hanchul, Kangteuk, Eunhae

Current music: Until U Return- FT. Island

Summary: Sungmin accidentally met Kyuhyun in a journey on train. Sungmin has a feeling toward Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun seems very cool and Sungmin doesn’t have courage to tell him. “He was so busy playing games so he didn’t notice it. He even didn’t notice that I stared at him intensely. It seemed like I fell in love to him. I never fall in love before. The first time I saw him, I knew this feeling. At the first time I knew what is love.”

(Sungmin POV)

“Wookie-ah! Are you ready?” I asked him while standing in front of the male restroom. “Wookie??!” I yelled again.

“Hyung..” Ryeowook appeared with his head sneak out. “Help me…”

“What?!” I asked and let out my anger. “Hurry. I’m tired waiting here.”

“I will finish if you help me tie my necktie. Please…” He grinned.

“Okay okay.” I sneaked in to the male restroom. Crowded. “Where is it?” I asked him for the necktie.

“Here.” He gave me black silk necktie.

I crunched my nose, smelling the bad scent of those men there. Today is Ryewook’s singing competition. Umma and appa already sat in the hall. They sat on the second row and left me here with this spoil kid. “How can you can’t tie this?”

“Umma does it every morning.” He said.

“What??!” I saw him. Eye to eye. “What man who can’t tie his tie?” I kept nagging.

“Hyung, stop it.” I looked at him and looked around me. All the men there were eyeing me.

“Sorry~” I smiled. I looked at Ryeowook directly. “From now, you tie your necktie alone or you will be dead meat.” I whispered. “Done. Oh, you look handsome.” I smiled. “I’ll wait you in hall.” I walked away.

“Sungmin hyung!!” Ryeowook called.

“Yes?” I turned around.

“Thank you.”

“Yeah.” I waved and left him. “Uuugh~ I hate the smell.”

In male restroom…

“Sorry…” A man poked Ryeowook’s shoulder.

“Yes?” Ryeowook turned around. He frozed.

“Is he your hyung?” That man pointed at the closed door where Sungmin just left.

“Yes… He’s my older brother. You…?”

“Hi, I’m…..”

In the hall…

“What’s with your face, Minnie?” Appa asked me in curious as soon as I sat beside umma.

“Aiihhh~ What’s that face, dear?” Umma caressed my cheek.

“Umma, instead of tie Ryeowook necktie every morning, you should teach him to do that.” I pouted.

“I did. But he kept asking me to do that.” Umma excused.

“You spoil him.” I pouted again.

“No, appa always does that.” Umma defended herself.

“I did?” Appa asked with widened eyes.

“You did.” Umma and me answered together.

Appa scratched his head, ”At the end, always my fault.” Umma smiled and tugging on his hand.

“Let’s watch the performance. Aiih~ Wookie is number 7.” Umma sighed.

“Well, just wait. He will be the best performance. I guess.” I smiled.

We watched the performance in silent. But at the end of performance, umma and appa always said, “Wookie’s better.” I just shook my head in disbelieve. It was ridiculous seeing they tried to calm down by saying that.

“The fifth performance will be shown by Yumkwang High School with Mrs. Shin as their teacher and Cho Kyuhyun as the lead singer! Let’s clap and welcome them!!” The MC started to clap.

I gasped. My eyes widened. I totally forgot that Kyuhyun joined too. “Oh God… I don’t prepare myself to see him right now.” I thought. “Ottoke~??”

“What’s up, min?” Umma asked in curious.

“No no…” I shooked my head and forced to smile. Finally I saw Kyuhyun. He wore black coat, silk white pants, and black shoes. Perfect. He held the mic and stood in front of his friends. He was different from the others. He looked glowing even though there were some handsome boys and pretty girls standing behind him.

“Morning… We are from Yumkwang High School. Please enjoy our performance.” He smiled.

“Huwaaah~ He is gorgeous, isn’t he?” Umma was clapping her hands.

“What?!” I shocked.

“Yeah… Even though I’m old, I know that he is handsome. Ouuuh~ He’s smiling.” Umma was totally immersed at him.

“You are right, honey. His voice is tough.” Appa joined in complimented him. I saw them in disbelieve, and then the music started.

I turned around to see him singing. He sang well. Very well. Appa was right. His voice is tough and sweet at the same time. I could hear some girls talking about him, “Look at him. He is Kyuhyun right? I bet he will win again this year.” Said one of them. “He already wins with his appearance. Aigoo~ He is cute.” Said another girl.

Even though I admitted it, but I thought I was going to vomit. It was too much. As soon as I saw him again, I forgot about what the girls said. I was just curious why he didn’t tell me that he is a lead singer, he even said he was not good at singing. “Liar.”

“Who?” Umma asked. “Sungmin, stop talking alone. You make us afraid.” Umma nagged.

“Sorry, umma.” I smiled.

“Fine. Just watch them. Ahh~ I think it will be hard for Wookie to beat him. He sings very well and the choir is good too.” Umma sighed again. Now it was deeper. Yeah… It’s hard to admit that Kyuhyun sings well. I didn’t know what to say.

“Ryeowook is a new comer, umma. He just joins competition today since he joined high school. Believe in him.” I tried to calm umma.

“You are right.” Umma smiled. “Wookie is the best. He worked hard.”

“Fiuuh~” I relieved. I saw Ryeowook waved his hand toward me. Then he pointed at Kyuhyun who was singing. I looked at him confused. He kept pointing at Kyuhyun and gave him thumbs up. “What’s with him?” I looked at Kyuhyun. Our eyes met. He smiled and I died. My heart couldn’t take it any longer. Finally I looked away. I could see his face changed in shock as I looked away. I just looked down at the floor while my ears actually were listening to him.

The song ended. Everyone was clapping very hard; even umma and appa joined it. Shouting too. I was the one who stayed quiet, I wasn’t brave enough to lift my head up, but I still saw him got down from stage and tapped Ryeowook’s shoulder. He smiled and they chatted awhile. Ryeowook pointed where I was sitting and Kyuhyun walked toward me before someone asked him to leave the hall. I sighed.

“Wookie!! Baby, how is the preparation?” Umma was hugging Ryeowook and finally I stood up and checked again if Kyuhyun was around.

“Fine, umma. Looking for Kyuhyun? He was there with his friends.” Ryeowook hugged umma back before looked at me.

“No, I didn’t look for him.” I denied. “You better stand by there. Have you checked your piano?”

“Ah, I almost forgot. I’ll check it.” He ran away. Umma and appa just shaking their head and back to their seat.

“Umma, appa… I’ll go to toilet.” I walked out of the hall and went to thetoilet. I washed my face and looked at the mirror. I saw black circle around my eyes, effect of being left by Kyuhyun at train station. “I should sleep more.” I took tissue from my pocket and my cellphone fell. It ruined. “AH!! Oh my God… What am I doing?” I bent down and collected all the pieces. I tried to turn it on but just black blank appeared on the screen. “Okay. Today is perfect.” I put my cellphone in my pocket and walked back to the hall.

“Wookie.” I rushed to my seat and sat down with my parents. “Why did no one call me?!” I asked umma and appa in anger.

“You cellphone was turned off.” Appa said.

“Ah, I broke it a few minutes ago. How long is he already there?” I looked at Ryeowook who was playing piano and singing along his school choir.

“Just now.” Umma smiled. The sixth group canceled their performance, so Wookie stepped forward.”

“Oooh… Thanks God I’m not late.”

“Where were you?” Umma asked and gave me tissue. “Your sweat, dear…”

“Thanks, umma. I was in toilet washing my face.”

“Shhhht!! Can you two stop talking? I want to hear Wookie’s voice, not you two.” Appa yelled at Umma and me.

“Sorry…” I said along with umma.

We enjoyed Ryeowook’s performance. He did well. Even though he was not the lead singer, but he was in charge of being pianist. Yeah… so sweet as well. Sometimes he looked at us and smiled. That was his way to decrease his nervousness. I also smiled and singing along with him. I heard someone singing too at the back. I looked at behind me and I saw Kyuhyun watching Ryeowook. He looked at me and tried to say something. I hurried leave the hall. I heard umma and appa called me, but I ignored them. I waved at Ryeowook and rushed out. Fortunately Ryeowook didn’t lose his concentrate and kept playing the piano, but I could see his confused face.

I ran to the bus stop and took a bus to go home. In the bus I cried so hard. I really wanted to talk to him, but my heart couldn’t take it. It was too hurt when he left me at train station without saying anything and I didn’t know why he was so angry. And today he appeared in front of me and smiled. Why is it so easy for him? Maybe because he didn’t know my feeling towards him.

I opened my house’s door knob and walked in. Let my body lying on the couch. I stood up and walked upstairs lazily. I opened the nightstand and took out any shirt I saw. I changed and bumped myself on my bed. “Oooh~ I’m hungry.” I stood up and walked downstairs to reach kitchen. The phone rang.

“Hello.” I hung on.

“Hello, hyung. Where are you?” Ryeowook asked with anxious.

“I’m at home. I’m sorry, Wookie… You know why I left the hall.”

“Yeah, I know. At least you waved to me.” He laughed. “It’s okay. He got number one.”

“Really? How about you?” I asked in curiosity

“I’m third. But the promoter asked me to play piano at an event next week.” His voice was happy.

“Congratulation!! It’s good to be number three. You are a new comer! Go celebrate with umma and appa. I’m going to cook ramen now. I’m hungry to death.”

“Sure. I’ll bring you something to eat.”




“He looked for you. He even asked me.”

“So, what did you say?”

“I said you got upset stomach and went home.”

“Good. I’ll hang up. Bye~ Enjoy your time, bro.” I hung up and sat on the couch. “He tried to find me?? Stupid.” I went to kitchen and cooked.

(Kyuhyun POV)

I was in the toilet when I heard someone called for Sungmin. I dressed up and walked out to see who called him. I saw a little boy in front of the restroom door waved at Sungmin?? I saw Sungmin smiling before closed the door. I wondered if this little boy is Sungmin’s brother. I poked his shoulder.


“Yes?” He turned around.”

“Is he your hyung?” I asked him while looked at him intense. “Totally Sungmin’s  brother. Cute.” I thought.

“Yes. He’s my brother. You…?”

“Hi. I’m Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun.” I shook his hand. He seemed surprised.

“Oh hi! I’m Ryeowook.” He smiled. “Why are you here?”

“I join the competition.” I smiled. “We are rival.”

“Hahaha. This is my first time join this kind of competition.” Ryeowook laughed.

“Really? I heard from Sungmin that you sing well.”

“Heee? He said that? No, not really. I just sing in church and play piano.

“Wow! That’s good. By any chance, do you know where is Sungmin?”

“Yeah… He should be sitting with my parents in the hall. Why don’t you call him if you want to see him?”

“No no… I just want to ask. Okay… I’ll go to hall to prepare. You better hurry too, Ryeowook.” I tapped his back and left him.

“Okay. Don’t worry.”

I ran to see if Sungmin was in the hall. I should explain the incident a week ago. I called him this morning but no answer. I reached the hall and tried to look for him but then the MC called my school and my name. I walked to the stage in daze. I felt bad since I haven’t explained it yet.

I tried to calm down. Gaining my concentration but my eyes kept searching for the latter. I started to sing. Then I saw Ryeowook waved to me and he pointed somewhere. I looked at where he was aiming to. Finally I saw Sungmin. Beside my nervousness, I tried to smile but Sungmin looked away. I lost my concentration; fortunately it was not my part of singing.

As soon as the song ended and everyone was clapping, I got off the stage and looking for Sungmin. Ryeowook stopped me and complimented me. I said thank you and saw Sungmin was sitting beside a woman, I guessed she was his mom.

“Kyuhyun.” Someone slapped my back.

“Yes.” I turned around.

“Go this way, we need to talk.” He was my friend who is a member of the choir. He dragged me away.

“Can we talk about it later?”

“No, it must be now.”

“Ah…shit.” I saw Sungmin looked at me without any expression.

Ten minutes later I came back to the hall. I sat two rows behind Sungmin. I could see him chatting with his mom. I heard he sang along with Ryeowook, so I sang along too. He turned around, maybe he realized that someone was singing too, but suddenly he grabbed his bag and walked off the hall. I chased after him but he lost. I couldn’t find him. I turned around to see Ryeowook, maybe he knew where Sungmin went to.

Ryeowook just walked off from stage when I called him. “Ryeowook!”

“Oh hi, Kyuhyun!” He smiled.

“Good performance. You have to play piano and sing with me.”

“Haha. Thank you. Sure, I’d love too.”

“Do you know…”


“Eh? Ah yeah…” I was embarrassed.

“I thought you just chased after him.” He looked at me confused.

“Yes… But I couldn’t find him.” I sweep off mu sweat.

“Take this.” Ryeowook gave me tissue. “He got upset stomach. He didn’t eat well these days. He even didn’t sleep well last night. Maybe you know why.”

“I know?” I asked him confused.

“Ah, maybe… I’m not sure.” Ryeowook grinned.

“And the winner is… Yumkwang High School!!” The announcement shocked me.

“Wow!! Congratulation, Kyuhyun!! You got it!!” Ryeowook shook my hand and hugged me.

“Thank you, Ryeowook…” I smiled, but I totally in daze. Still confused with what Ryeowook said.

The third is Dukwon art high school!! Yeah… They have amazing pianist.” MC looked at Ryeowook. Ryeowook shouted. He was so happy.

“Congratulation, Ryeowook!” I hugged him again.

“Oooh~ Thank you. Let’s go to the stage.” He dragged me to the stage.

I saw umma and appa clapped their hands. Ryeowook showed me his parents. Like I thought, his mom is pretty and his dad is handsome. If only Sungmin was there… I sighed.

“I wonder if we can listen to Kyuhyun singing and Ryeowook playing the piano.” The MC smiled at us, waiting for our answer.

“Sure. What song do you want to sing?” Ryeowook asked me and walked toward the piano. I heard people cheered and clapped their hands again.

I remembered Sungmin’s ring back tone. “Can you play Can You Hear Me by Taeyeon??” I saw Ryeowook was shocked.

“You… Okay, I can.” He prepared himself.

“I hope someone is here listening to me as I want to apologize.” I said out loud with mic. I looked at Ryeowook and checked if he was ready or not.

“Sungmin will love it.” Ryeowook whispered. Seem like he knew everything. So I just started singing.

After the competition…

“Kyu, you don’t seem happy.” Umma turned her head and saw me who sat on the back of car.

“Hey, Kyu! Cheer up! You got first again.” Donghae poked me.

“What’s up, boy? I guess he is hungry. Shall we go eating and celebrate it?” Appa looked at me trough the rearview mirror.

“Ah~ I’m not hungry…” I crouched on my seat.

“There’s something wrong with you, isn’t it? Sungmin dumped you?”

“WHAT?!! What’s on earth are you talking about?” I turned around to face him.

“I just guess. Don’t be angry. I’m scared of you.” Donghae pretended to pout.

“Good then.” I crouched again.

“Who is Sungmin for you, Kyu? I heard his name all the times nowadays.” Umma teased me.

“He is just a friend if only Hae shuts his mouth.” I grumbled.

“So, Sungmin is more than just a friend now?” Donghae joined umma and teased me.

“I told you to shut up. I mean it.” I let out my anger.

“Fine. Umma, I’m punished not to speak up.” Donghae reported to umma. Umma and appa just laughing so hard. “Kyu, let me speak this time.”

“Whatever.” I hugged my bag.

“Appa, can you turn to left? I wanna give something to my friend.” Donghae pointed his hand to the left.

“Sure. What do you want to give to him?” Appa asked.

“His application. He couldn’t come to get it, so I took it for him.” Donghae took something from his bag. “I think he will continue study in Japan as he wish.” He showed umma the application.

“Oh my~ I hope so.” Umma gave it back to Hae.

“Please stop in front of that white-green-house, appa. I’ll be hurry.”

“Okay. We’ll wait for you in the car. Don’t take so long time, there’s person who is hungry in the bad mood here.” Appa stared at me.

As soon as the car stopped in front of a white-green-house, Donghae rushed out and reached the gate. He called someone, and a lady came to open the gate. I couldn’t see the face since it was a bit dark.

“Isn’t it his girlfriend’s house?” I asked umma.

“Haha. No… He doesn’t have one.” Umma smiled. “Why? Are you jealous? You can have one if you want.”

“No. Thank you. Ehhhh, Donghae left something.” I reached a paper on the seat. “Maybe it is his friend’s. I’ll go to give it to him.” I moved out from car and walked to the house. I saw the name on the paper “Lee Sungmin”. I gasped. I stopped in front of the door where Donghae was standing.

“Ah, he’s here. I’m going to take this just now.” Donghae took the paper from my hands. I looked up. I saw Sungmin was standing in front of me. A surprised image hung on his face. I couldn’t say anything. He looked at me for a while and continued talking with Donghae.

I was still in shock, but I carefully looked at his face. He had black circle around his eyes, his lips seemed white and his face was pale. I wondered what happened with him. Was he sick?

“Okay. That’s for today. See you tomorrow, min. I think you should rest more.” Donghae poked Sungmin’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I just need more sleep. By the way, thank you, hae.” He smiled but then froze when he saw me. I couldn’t smile too. That was awkward. But then he smiled.

“Good night.” He closed the door.

“Come on, Kyu. We must be hurry. Don’t let umma and appa waiting for us.” Hae grabbed my hand and dragged me to car.

“Hae…” I mumbled.

“Hmmm… What?” He turned around.

“You go first and ask umma and appa to leave.”

“What??” He seemed surprised.

“I need to talk to Sungmin.”

“You… Him… He is the Sungmin we always talked about?? But…” Donghae mumbled in disbelieve.

“Yes… He is that Sungmin we always talked about. Now go get into the car. Tell umma and appa that I will come home soon.” I pushed him to the car. Umma and appa looked confused. I hurried got my wallet from the bag. “Hae, give me your wallet. Hurry!” He reached his pocket and gave me his wallet. “Thanks. See you at home.” I ran to Sungmin’s house door.

I bet Donghae was busy to ask appa to leave me. But who cares? He always be the best for doing that thing. Then I stood in front of the door. My hands kept reaching the door, but I didn’t have courage to knock the door. I breathed, sighed, breathed, sighed for many times. Then I knocked the door.

“Yes. Who is that?” I heard Sungmin walked toward the door. Finally it was opened. He frowned.

“Good night. Ah… hello!” I waved my hands.

“Good night, Kyu.” He forced to smile. “What’s up?”

“Hyung, I haven’t eaten yet… Ngg~ would you like to accompany me eating?” I almost covered my face because it was too embarrassing.

“Just eat here then. Umma just finished cooking for dinner. Come here join us.” He asked me to come in but I grabbed his hand.

“No… I mean I want to eat something else with you. Not here. W-would y-y-you?” I kept sweating.

“Ng~ Oh, sure… Let me change first. Come in, Kyu. Take a seat. I’ll be here in five minutes.” He ran upstairs. I guessed, to his room. I sat on the couch; I saw some pictures hanging there. One picture caught my sight. Little kids. There were three kids. Two are boys and the other is girl. I bet the boys were Sungmin and Ryeowook. They looked so cute there. In white sailor uniform.

“Who is it?” A pretty lady came to me. She smiled while bringing a glass of tea. “Eeh~ Isn’t it Kyuhyun?”

“Yes’ ma’am. I’m Kyuhyun.” I bowed to her. She looked so beautiful for a woman who has two big boys.

“Do you wanna meet Ryeowook?”

“No, I came to meet Sungmin. If you don’t mind, I wanna ask him out to eat.”

“I thought you came to meet Ryeowook. Sure, don’t come home late right?” She smiled. “Drink the tea, Kyuhyun. I’m going to finish my cooking. Sungmin is done I think.” She looked upstairs and walked toward kitchen.

I heard noises from upstairs. It came from Ryeowook and Sungmin.

“Hyung, don’t throw you shirt like that. Aigoo~ I hate you.” Ryeowook was nagging.

“What’s with you? It’s my room. Go out, you jerk!” This time Sungmin was shouting.

“Boys, are you going to mess the dinner?” A man came and stood near the stairs. He looked so manly. I looked at him in competition today. He is their father. Tall and handsome. I kept surprise with this family. Too amazing for me. “Ah, sorry for that. They are always like that.” He apologized to me.

“No, never mind. I always like that too with my brother.” I smiled.

“Oh really? But these two… Ah… Annoying.” He laughed. “Why don’t you join us at dinner?” He invited me.

“Yes, just enjoy your dinner here, Kyuhyun. Ah, try this.” Sungmin’s umma offered me some cookies. “I made it. How’s the taste?”

I took a bite and moaned, “Hmmm~ It’s delicious.”

“Really? You shall come again okay? I’ll cook cookies for you.” She kept smiling.

“Thank you…”

“Heechul. Aunty Heechul.” She offered me more cookies.

“Thank you, Aunty Heechul.” I took another bite. I loved this family. So amazing. The way aunty smiling reminded me to Sungmin and Ryeowook. Cute.

“Kyuhyun…” Sungmin called me. He finished changing. He wore white shirt and pink jacket.

“Yes. Oh you are ready.” I finished my cookie in one bite and stood up.

“You must be hungry right?” He laughed as he saw my empty plate.

“Hehehe~ That’s why I asked you to eat. Let’s go.” I walked to the door. “Aunty, uncle, Ryeowook, I’ll take Sungmin a while.”

“Be careful. Don’t come home late.” Aunty waved to us as we left home. I just nodded and took Sungmin’s hand. He seemed shocked.

“Where do you want to eat?” I asked Sungmin who was still in daze after I took his hand.

“Ah… It’s up to you. You are the one who is hungry right now.” He smiled. I grabbed his hand harder.

We just walked in silent. I didn’t know where we were going to. He just looked down then he coughed, “Are you alright?” I asked him worried.

“I’m fine. It’s just cold.” He sighed and coughed again. No wonder. Next week would be winter. I could feel his hands was getting cold. I slipped his hand in my pocket. “Kyu?” He stared at me. I was too shy to look at his cute eyes, so I just looked away.

“It’s cold.” I answered. I could see him smiling shyly.

Finally we reached a café and sat down. He sat crossed to me. We ordered some meals. We enjoyed our meals in silent. I didn’t know what to say. What to start, so I just kept my words. Maybe later after we finish eating.

“We always meet in cold weather.” Sungmin took a bite of his meal. He looked tired. I saw he smiled secretly then gulped his tea. I was still in silence. I was really sorry for making him like this. “Why don’t you drink your tea, Kyu? It’s about turn to cold.” He offered me my tea. I took a gulp then ate my spaghetti.

“Hyung… Are you okay?” I pointed the black circle on his eyes.

“What? This? I had many exams back then, so I didn’t sleep much.” A smile appeared on his lips, but he hurried chewing his meal.

“Liar.” I smiled. He lifted his head and looked at me then shipped a gulp of his tea.

“Pardon?” He blinked his eyes.

“No…” I sighed.

After twenty minutes, we stood up and walked toward the cashier. I took Donghae’s wallet from my pocket.

“Ah, isn’t it Donghae’s??” Sungmin asked. His face showed confused.

“Yeah… It’s Hae’s.”

“Where are yours? You lost it again? Oh my God, Kyuhyun.” He shook his head and slapped my back.

“No no. It’s here.” I took another wallet from my coat’s pocket. “Look. It’s empty.” I showed him my wallet. He giggled. “How can I pay if I just brought this?”

“Hahaha. You robbed Donghae.” He laughed.

“Yeah… But, I don’t know you and Hae are friends. You didn’t seem notice when I talked about him.” I opened the café’s door and let him walked first.

“I wonder why I didn’t notice too.” He smiled. “You took all my attention.” He swayed his hands in the air. I couldn’t take the cuteness and ran to him.

I was going to explain before he said, “Sorry, Kyuhyun… I’m really sorry.”

“Heee??” I was surprised.

“I didn’t know it hurt you. I didn’t mean to…”

“No! It’s not your fault. I was angry. I did. But then I regret it.” I shuttered.

“Then why didn’t you answer my call? At least reply my texts??”

“Did you forget? I studied in boarding school. I couldn’t turn on my cell phone.”

“Ahh~ Really? I’m so stupid. I was stupid waiting for your call.” He began to cry. I was totally shocked. Tears flowing through his pink cheek.

“Sungmin… I-I-I didn’t mean…” I hugged him. I could feel his tears in my hands as I caressed his cheek.

“You know… I couldn’t sleep well. I kept waiting for you replied my message or called me. I was afraid that I would never see you again. And this morning I saw you smiling at me. My heart couldn’t take it. I didn’t believe it was so easy for you to smile after you left me at train station.” He kept talking while his tears started to soak my coat.

“I know… Last night. When finally I could turn on my phone. I listened to all your voice message, read all your texts. I wanted to call you but I was afraid you wouldn’t answer, so I waited until morning, but no answer. I was frustrated until I found you there, in the hall. When you looked away and ran, my heart hurt.” I tightened my arms around him.

“It’s hot. Let me go.” He chuckled.

“No way.” I hugged him tight.

“You are going to kill me? I can’t breathe, Kyuhyun…” He coughed and I let him breathe.

“Sorry… Are you okay?” I took his face in my hands. His cheek turned pink. “I think you catch cold, Min. Your cheek is pink.” He caressed his cheek.

“What?! What you just called me? Repeat it.” He shook my shoulder.

“Min? Minnie…” I covered my mouth. “Hyung… I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m sorry…”

“No, I like it.” He smiled. “From now call me that.” He danced like a cute kid. I just followed him along.

“So, now we are friends again?” I asked him who still danced cutely.

“Yup. Who said we are not?” He smiled again. I couldn’t take it anymore. My heart was going to burst out soon. I took his hand and caressed his cheek. I bent down a bit to see his eyes. I was going to kiss him when his phone rang.

Neon ije jeongmal amooreohji anhnyamyeonseo neon iddageum byeol il anin deut naege moodji

We both jumped in shock. “Wait…” He took his phone and answered it. I guessed it was his mom. I scratched my head. It was embarrassing. He closed his phone and took it in his pocket. Our eyes met. “You…”

“Ah, it’s late already. Let me take you home.” I smiled. A smile was hanging on his face too, but not so bright. I knew it was my fault who wanted to kiss him. He must be thinking I was weird now.

“Okay. Umma has prepared cookies for you at home.” He ran toward me and took my hand. He grabbed it tight. I had a feeling that we had the same feeling, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the failed kissing just now.

(To be continued)

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