(Let the train carries our love)

Chapter 8

Starring: Kyumin (main), Hanchul, Kangteuk, Eunhae

Current music: T-Ara – Like The First Time

Summary: Sungmin accidentally met Kyuhyun in a journey on train. Sungmin has a feeling toward Kyuhyun, but Kyuhyun seems very cool and Sungmin doesn’t have courage to tell him. “He was so busy playing games so he didn’t notice it. He even didn’t notice that I stared at him intensely. It seemed like I fell in love to him. I never fall in love before. The first time I saw him, I knew this feeling. At the first time I knew what is love.”

(Kyuhyun POV)

“Train will leave in five minutes. Check again your luggage and make sure you don’t leave anything.”

I checked my watch. 6.25 am. I looked around, no sign that Sungmin would come. “He didn’t come late usually…” I sighed and walking on the train.

The train left the station, I still wondering why Sungmin didn’t come. I reached my phone from my bag. “Good! Very good.” I threw away my phone into my bag. It died. Seem like I forgot to charge it last night. “Aiiih~” I covered my face with both hands. “What if he avoids me after that incident last night??” I thought.

(Meanwhile Sungmin…)

(Sungmin POV)

“Huattchiiih!! Umma~~ Uhukk!! Hatchiiih!! Srottt~” I took tissues on the table. Start to clean up mucus. “UMMA!!”

“Yeeee~ Aigoo~ What’s with my baby?” Umma came in with napkins in her hand. She sat on my bed and caressed my cheek. “Appa!! Bring some cold medicine and warm water here!!” I heard appa said yes. “Minnie-ah~ How can you catch cold when exam will be coming soon?” Umma put blanket on me.

“I guess because the cold weather last night.” I coughed again.

“The only one who possibly gets cold today is Kyuhyun.” Appa bought some medicine and water like what Umma told him before. “The snow started falling down after he sent you home last night.”

Hmmmm… It was true. When he sent me home, the snow started falling and covered his brown hair. I still remembered when he waved his hands while smiling then he sneezed. Hahaha~ So cute. But at the end… I’m the one who get cold here.

“Just rest at home today, Min. I will call your teacher that you can’t attend school today.” Appa left after I drank my medicine.

“Umma will not go to work today. Call me if you feel dizzy or something.” Umma kissed my cheek and left.

“Is Min hyung okay?” I heard Ryeowook asked appa on downstair. Sometimes… Yeah sometimes… He would worry about me.

I checked my phone. No message. No call. Of course. It died after falling in toilet. Suddenly I felt sad. “Kyuhyun doesn’t text me…” I rolled in my blanket. “Maybe he already turned off his phone.” I tried to think positively.

“I still didn’t understand about what happened last night. It was like he was going to… kiss me? But it seemed impossible. Maybe there was something on my face or hair. Or he wanted to check the black circle around my eyes.” I still wondering till I felt the medicine made my eyes kept going down.

(Kyuhyun POV)

“Huwaa~ our Kyuhyun now is being rebellious.” Someone took away the phone from my hand.

“Yah!!” I jumped and took it again. “Yesung hyung!! What are you doing here?”

“Of course not playing games with phone.” He smirked. “Same question goes to you. What are you doing here?” He sat beside me. His name is Jongwoon, but we often called him Yesung. He is my senior from choir club.

“I just want to text someone.” I turned around and texted behind his back. “Cover me.”

“Kyu, are you tired of being a model student? You want to get caught by turning on your phone. Aigoo~ This kid must be crazy.” He shook his head.

“Ssssht, hyung. This is important.” I kept typing the message.

“How important compared to your good image huh?” He turned around and took my phone. “Which girl who can take all your attention and can make you want to throw away your image?”

“What are you talking about? Give it back! Now!”

“You are trying to be rebellious to me now… Woaahh~ Good. What is this girl’s name?” He looked at my phone. “Lee Sungmin… Why so familiar?” I grabbed my phone while he put his hand on his chin.

“You know him?” I turned off my phone and put it in my pocket.

“I don’t know if this is the same Sungmin because I don’t know his family’s name. I ever met Sungmin in church. He is my junior’s brother in church’s choir.”

“What’s your junior’s name?” I asked.

“Ryeowook.” We talked together, then looked at each other with widened eyes.

“You know him too?” Yesung asked me curious. “His name is Kim Ryeowook.”

“Of course I know. He was my rival at the competition yesterday.”

“Really? I didn’t attend the competition yesterday so I don’t know.”

“Yeah~ But… Why the family’s name is different?? Lee Sungmin and Kim Ryeowook. It must be Lee Sungmin and Lee Ryeowook or Kim Sungmin and Kim Ryeowook.”

“Ah!! You are right, Kyu!! I didn’t notice it. But I heard their father is Chinese.”

“Sungmin told me about that too. Do you know his mother’s family name, hyung?”

“I know. My umma is her friend. Kim Heechul. Yeah… Kim?? I guess his name is not Lee Sungmin, Kyu. You heard it wrong.”

“No. He told me his name is Lee Sungmin. Or… I heard something wrong…” I zoned out.

“Hahahahaha!! Don’t think about that. Or maybe you should check your ears, Kyu.” Yesung laughed and poked my head.

“I just done my surgery last month.” I chuckled.

“It may be the effect of that surgery. You better go to your room and leave your phone there. Today is Monday. Teacher will check your pocket and bag. “Go.” He pushed me away and smiled.

I ran to my dorm. “Ahhh! I’m late.” I threw my phone on my desk then ran again to my class. I found some candies and chocolate on my desk. Even some letters.

“Congratulation for winning the competition, Kyuhyun.” My teacher, Choi Siwon, just entered the class and congratulated me. “Wow, got gifts already?”

“Ah yes… Thank you, Sir.” I nodded and cleaning up my desk. I put all the gifts in my bag. I saw some girls smiling. It was not time for eating, so I thought I would eat it later and shared with others.

“Late, Kyu?” I heard someone asking behind me. I turned around.

“Kibum-ah… You are early today.”

“Yes. I stayed in dorm last night, that’s why I arrived early today.” He smiled.

“Why didn’t you call me? I could accompany you in dorm yesterday.”

“No… Thank you. It’s better not seeing you around with your game. Annoying. Hahaha. No, I was kidding. I thought you were tired after the competition. I wanted to come but teacher asked me to practice for musical next month.”

“Hahaha. I guess you are right. I was tired and almost didn’t eat after the competition. So nervous. But fortunately we got first again.”

“Kim Kibum, Cho Kyuhyun, when will you two stop talking?” Teacher Siwon caught us.

“Sorry, Sir.” We both apologized.

“I need to talk to you later, Kyu.” Kibum whispered.

“What is it?” I asked in inaudible voice.

“Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Kibum, not stopping yet?” Teacher Siwon caught us again. I just smiled meanwhile Kibum smirked behind me. “These kids nowadays…”

Teng teng teng…

It was time for break. I walked alone to the school gate, waiting for chief of yesterday’s competition. Yesung was there. Talking to someone.

“Hyung… Ah!! Hello, Ryeowook.” Ryeowook was standing there. Grabbing his phone with tearing eyes. My eyes opened wide. “W-w-what happen?” Yesung told me to leave them. I saw Ryeowook left the gate and Yesung sighed while stroking his hair.

“Kyu, what are you doing here?” He smiled and pretended I didn’t see that.

“Don’t change topic, Hyung. What happened with Ryeowook? Did something happen to Sungmin?”

“No. He didn’t say anything about Sungmin.”

“So, why did he cry?”

“Kyu, you are waiting for that person? He waved to us.” Yesung tried to change topic, but I turned around to see who it was. The chief was there. Standing with the trophy. “You better greet him. He is the chief right? I’m so proud of you, Kyu. Woaaah~ the trophy is big. Mine was not as big as it.”

I stared at him in disbelieve. I just saw Ryeowook crying in front of him but he could smile and acted like there was nothing happened. But it was not the right time to ask him more. I couldn’t make the chief waiting, so I ran toward the chief and left Yesung. “I’m sure I will be back and you shall prepare to explain this all.” He just nodded.

I stuck in headmaster’s office with the chief and my singing teacher. Yesung was there too as a leader of the club. He sat there quietly. Just smiled sometimes but mostly he zoned out.

“Jongwoon-ah, why you didn’t participate on yesterday’s competition?” The chief asked him.

“He is preparing for exam, chief.” Headmaster answered it for him. He seem didn’t notice and didn’t hear the question.

“Aaah… He is on last grade now. I forget.” The chief smiling.

Suddenly I remembered Sungmin and Donghae. They are on third grade now. Donghae would continue his studying in Baekjae University. He studied hard although the result was not excellent. For Sungmin… I didn’t know. He just told me that he applied for scholarship in Japan. The word that came to my mine was FAR. I felt I couldn’t let him go.

“What’s up, Kyuhyun? Are you not feeling well?” The headmaster shook me.

“Yes, Sir. No… I’m okay.” I smiled.

“What’s with these two? Hahahaha. Are you tired? Headmaster, give them time to rest from studying.” The chief joked.

“Of course. But I can’t promise. Kyuhyun already left the lessons for 6 days. He should study more now. Jongwoon is preparing for last exam, so he can’t rest too.” The headmaster smiled while touching my head. “These kids are smart and diligent, so we don’t have to worry.”

I just laughed along with them. Yesung was still zoned out. Maybe he got shocked too seeing Ryeowook cried like that. But I was very curious with their relationship. I’m very close with Yesung. We often chatted when we had free time, but he never told me about Ryeowook. He just said he has a cute junior in his church. Maybe that junior referred to Ryeowook.

“Kyu, you have time after school?” Yesung tapped my shoulder.

“Yes. I guess I can give some time for you, hyung. Wanna explain?” I poked him.

“Yeah… I think I need someone to talk about this. See you after school in practice room.” He waved and left. It was the first time I saw him like that. Worry some. It was not like Yesung hyung. He never burdened for anything before, even big exams.

“Kyu!!” Someone called me.

“Kibum-ah!!” I walked toward him. “What?”

“Where were you?” He seemed out of breath.

“I went to headmaster’s room and met the chief of competition. Let’s find place to sit. You seem tired.” We walked to cafeteria and sat there.

“You know that our school will hold a big drama competition next month.”

“Yeah… Why?” I shipped a gulp of orange juice.

“We need someone to sing plus act on it. I guess…”

“No no no.” I stopped Kibum before he finished his words. “Not me. You know I act badly. Ouuugh~ I remembered our drama last month.”

“Bad? Not really. It was good, maybe better if you came often when we practiced. Sorry… Math competition was important too.”

“And next month I have math competition again. This time in Seoul. You know I shall…”

“I know. But please Kyu… You know who I am, I don’t like people who playing around. You were good on drama last month if you practiced more. Now I feel this character will suit you the most. I even couldn’t make it.”

“What character are you talking about?” I asked.

“Black angel.”

“Black angel or evil?” I laughed. “If you mean evil, it suits me. If it is angel, you shall ask other people. Hahahaha.”

“Black angel in this story is an angel who is born from angel-human. Get it?”

“Aaaah~ I know this one. Like a comic that I ever read. Then??”

“You know what I want.” He stared at me. This is Kibum’s style. Straight.

“I have competition next month.” I tried to give any reason to avoid it.

“Liar. Fine. I have checked the schedule of your competition. Next month IS NOT the competition, just the time for preparing, Cho Kyuhyun.” He pressed his words and made me gulped the orange juice suddenly.

“Uhhhukk!! W-what?? Teacher said the competi…”

“I asked your math tutor. Okay, that’s all for today. We can start practice for drama tomorrow. You know I will not be afraid to hit you if you don’t come tomorrow.” He showed me his fist and it was… yeah… Scary??

“I-I-I love peace. You know that.” I shuttered.

“Hahaha, I was kidding. You better come, Kyu. It will be fun. Kyunggi High School will join us too.”


“Yes. Kyunggi High. Ah, let me pay your orange juice. See you in dorm.” Kibum left, but I didn’t notice. Kyunggi is Sungmin’s school. And I heard that he is in musical club there. Would he come?

After class ended, I went to drama club room which is exactly besides my choir club. I sneaked my head to my club room, wanting to see if Yesung had come. He did. He smiled as soon as he saw me. “Come here.” He waved his hand to ask me in.

“What are you doing here?” I asked while putting my bag on a desk near the door.

“You want me to explain right?”

“Yes. Of course.”

“I rejected Ryeowook.”

My eyes widened. I hurriedly turn around. Yesung was still sitting in the corner with hurt smile. “What did you mean by rejecting him? He confessed to you?” I walked toward him. He nodded.

“It’s not like I don’t like him. I want him to be mine. But… You know I can’t drag him with me. With this awful life of mine. I want him to be happy.”

“I really don’t understand what you mean, hyung. If you want him, you…” I haven’t finished my words then Yesung cut it off.

“You know… Nowadays I ran here and there to get money. I have to continue my study in college, so I must work hard. You know that.”


“And I don’t want him to know about my poor life. I will continue my study in Seoul with your hyung, Donghae.  Here to Seoul is not as near as you can see. It’s not like I can call him everytime meanwhile I have to get job and study too.”

We were breathing in silent. I could hear his burdened breath. He must be tired. I knew the feeling of him. Rejecting someone that you really want to have beside you.


“Hmmm…” Finally we were able to break the silence. I raised my head to see him beside me.

“Don’t disturb Sungmin.” He said while looking directly to my eyes. I was shock.

“What?? I-I..”

“I know you have feeling toward him right? And I’m sure the Sungmin that we talked about this morning was the same. I heard about him a lot from Ryeowook. He wanted to study in Japan as much as you want him to be yours.”

“I didn’t get it. What do you…”

“You exactly know what I was talking about. Our cases are same, Kyu. But in your case, you are in Ryeowook’s role. Before it happen, I want you to think about it again, because I know, from now on, you will start to think of making him yours. Am I right??”

I was frowned. He was so true. I even couldn’t sleep last night just because I thought about what I have to do to confess my love toward Sungmin. Yes. I’m fallen for him. Many days ago. Before I realized it. I love him.

“You are right. I’m such a fool. I even couldn’t sleep. My hands kept holding my phone. My fingers kept pressing the numbers of his, but I ended up sighing. You know why? Because I’m not sure he loves me or not.”

“He loves you.” Yesung stood up. He gave me a hand. I grabbed it and stood up. “Like what I did. I was enjoying my time with Ryeowook and I forgot that he is not mine until he confessed. That time I realized I want him so much. But what could I do?”

“Hyung… why don’t try to accept him? Don’t you think you will regret it later?”

“Kyu… Of course I will regret it.” He smiled. I tried to smile too. He was stronger than I thought. “Yeah…I didn’t ask you to stop, just giving advice.”

“Thank you, hyung. It must be hurt to you. I can’t do anything, but you must be happy that he likes you.” I poked him. “At least call him some times.” I grabbed my bag and walked out from the room.

“I won’t. It will hurt him, so I will avoid him from now.” He said. I pretended not hearing it and left him alone.

The drama club seemed crowd already. I found Kibum was sitting while explaining something. He smiled. There were some people that I never saw before. Maybe from Kyunggi High School. But no Sungmin.

“Ah here the main role, guys. This is Kyuhyun. He will act as Ryu, the prince.” Kibum introduced me to his friends.

“Hi! I’m Cho Kyuhyun.” I smiled and shook their hands.

“Wow! Perfect cast, Kibummie! I think he will make it.” Said a girl. “Hi, Kyuhyun. I’m Jessica, Kyunggi’s drama club leader. I will be your mom in this drama.”

“Oh hi, Jessica. Please treat me well. I’m new here. By the way, can I see the script?”

“Oh sure. This is the full script and this is the preview. For now just read the preview, it’s easy to make you understand your role in this drama.” She offered me a book and a piece of paper. I took them and read the preview paper first.

The story seems interesting. I will act as the last prince of black angel or a prince who was born from a human and angel. I often read this kind of story on manga and novel, but this story is a bit classic. Even there is a princess.

“Kibum-ah, who will act as this princess?”

“Just ask Jessica, Kyu. The girls role will be acted by Kyunggi High.”

“Oooh.” I walked toward Jessica who was practicing singing. Her voice is very beautiful. Without realizing it, I heard the whole song that she sang.

“What’s up, Kyuhyun?” She asked. I clapped hard. Clap clap.

“Ah, sorry. Your voice is really beautiful. Is it the song in drama?”

“Yes. You can see your song on the script.” She smiled.

“I will look at it later. I wanna ask something. Who is the princess in this drama?”

“Princees Zee.” She answered.

“No. Not that. I mean who will act as Princess Zee?”

“Ooo~ Sorry. Hahaha~ Lee Sungmin, he will act as Princess Zee.”

“Hah?? Isn’t he a boy?” I was shock.

“Yes. But we just have two girls here, I will be your mother and the other will be his mother. So, we decided that he will make it. Don’t worry, he is professional besides that he is pretty.”

“And by any chance, I didn’t see Sungmin. Where is he?”

“You know him? He gets cold. His dad called me that he can’t attend school today, so he won’t come here to practice.”

“Get cold? Hmmm~ Thanks, Jess. I better read the script now.” I left her. “He got cold?? Because of me? Because I asked him to go with me last night?” I started thinking of it as my fault.

“Ehemm~ Kyu?? Kyuhyun?? CHO KYUHYUN!”

“Eh ah. What’s up, Kibum-ah?” Kibum was standing beside me.

“Having problem?”

“No. I just…Kibum-ah, can I ask you for help? Just this once. Please~” I kneeled in front of Kibum.

“I have bad feeling. What is it?” He stroked his hair. “Stand up! People are watching us.”

“I have to go home.” I stood up.

“What??!! Are you possessed by ghost or what?!” His eyes widened. “Why?”

“Ngg~ Ah… I-I-I… My wallet is at home. I forgot to bring it along this morning.” I grinned. Trying to give my sweetest smile to knock Kibum down.

“Don’t smile like that. You ate cheese cake right?”

“Ha? How can you know?”

“There is cheese on your teeth.”

“Ahhh…Hahahaha.” I hurriedly closed my mouth. “Sorry…”

“So, what can I do to help you?”

“Please don’t sleep before I come back.”

“You must be crazy.”

“I am. That’s why I accepted your order to act in this drama.” His expression changed. Like he was going to slap me. “Just this once.” I beg.

“Okay. Granted. I’ll tell chief of dormitory to wait for you.”

“Really??” I was shock. He rarely helped people. “I LOVE YOU, KIBUM-AH!!! Oh! I’m tearing.”

“Sssst~ Look! All people are looking at us. Hahahaha. We are practicing script lines.” And people stopped looking at us. “Idiot! Hurry go then, Kyu.” He pushed me away.

“Okay. Bye~ I’ll promise that I’ll remember all my lines on this script by tomorrow.” I waved at him.

“You better keep the promise.” He waved back. “Evil.” He mumbled while turning around.

“What??!” I turned around and threw him a paper. He laughed.

I went to my dorm to change my uniform. I charged my phone a while when I took a bath. The water fell slowly from shower in my mind. All things were getting in slow motion since I thought about Sungmin. I totally forgot with what Yesung told me. “If I love him, he must know it. Even if he will reject me later, I don’t care. I’m a man for Sungmin. I’m his man. Yes. Of course I’m a man. Hahahaha.” I talked alone in bathroom and found it ridiculous. I realized I became a fool when thinking of him.

I finished my bathe, took some clothes that I thought perfect then rushed out to Sungmin’s home. I took the train as usual. 4pm. I needed to hurry since school gate would be closed at 7 pm. 3 hours to work. Is this fearfactor tv program or what?? I tried to call Sungmin, but his phone was off. Just his cute voice mail answered it.

“Hello there~ Minnie is here. Sorry I can’t answer your call. I guess my pinky is died. Leave message and I will call back. Annyeong~”

I laughed so hard. I didn’t leave message because I would go to his house instead. “Pinky?? His phone’s name??” I thought while laughing. I remembered that his phone is pink. “Then mine is what? Bluey?? Kkkkk~” I kept laughing until a man besides me poked me.

“Are you okay, boy?” A worried scent was hanging on his face.

“Ah, no… I just remembered something funny.” I hurriedly close my mouth. Yeah… Be careful if you laugh on the train. Especially alone.

I didn’t dare to think about that pinky or his message mail again, so I just sat on silence. Hearing music and thinking about my drama. I had to act well since I would act with Sungmin, and I couldn’t disappoint Kibum and the drama club members. I took the script and read it. I wander if he had his own copy of this script.

The train has arrived. I walked out and found out that the station was crowded. Suddenly I heard, “Kyu, your wallet…” I was shock. I heard Sungmin’s voice but no Sungmin there. I ran to the train, searching for my seat. There was no wallet on it. I checked my bag. It was there. In my bag. I let a sigh. “It’s here.”

I smiled along with my journey to Sungmin’s house. I could hear his voice reminded me about wallet. Started from that day, I loved my wallet.

Now I’m in front of Sungmin’s house. Holding a copy of script that I copied near the train station and a rose in my right hand. I pressed the bell for 7 times, but no one came out. I guessed they were not in home. And it was true.

“Are you looking for Mr. Hangeng’s family?” An old lady appeared in my back. I turned around.

“Yes, ajumma. Where are they?”

“They left to hospital. Their oldest son got cold.”

“Really? Thank you. I guess I will visit again tomorrow.” I smiled. She smiled back and left me alone. “I had smiled almost 30 minutes here, hoping someone would open the door. Hah~” I clenched my dried teeth. I put the script and the rose in front of the door then left the house with blank look.

(Sungmin’s POV)

“Hyung, you must be happy right now. Huh.” Ryeowook was putting besides me. He kept staring at my new phone. My new pinky.

“You want it?” I grinned. “Throw your phone in toilet.”

“Cih.” Ryeowook pouted.

“Don’t you dare do it, Wookie-ah. I will be bankrupt.” Appa commented.

“No. I won’t change my phone.” He looked at his white phone. I remembered he bought it with Yesung. Ryeowook’s eyes were pretty red. He cried a lot just now.

We arrived at home. I could feel the cold weather, but umma hurriedly hug while walking along to house, meanwhile appa parked the car.

“Hyung…” Ryeowook stood in front of my room.

“Yes.” I turned around to see him. He was holding papers and a rose.

“I guess this is yours.” He smiled. ‘Hihihihi.” He threw the things on my bed and gone.

“What do you mean this is mine? Wookie!!” I tried to call him but he had gone.

“Umma!! Sungmin got boyfriend!!” He shouted crazily in the kitchen. I shook my head.

“Such a fool.” I mumbled. I looked at those things. Papers and rose. I took the rose and read the note.

“Get well soon, Minnie Hyung. –Kyuhyun”

“Kyuhyun sent this?? He came here??” I questioned it in daze. I read the script and it succeeded making me cough. “I WILL ACT WITH KYUHYUN??!!”

“Ckckck~ Our Minnie has grown up. Let’s clap!!” Whole families were standing in front of me while Appa started clapping and followed by Umma and Ryeowook.

“What is this?” I was confused.

“You got a rose? Omo, Minnie! Who gave you this?” Umma took the rose. “Kyuhyun!! Honey, Kyuhyun gave this.”

“Really? Are you two dating now?” Appa asked me curiously.

“No, appa. Not yet.” Ryeowook stuck his tongue.

“I will be happy if you really date him, dear. He seemed polite and kind. His voice is…UUUUGGGH. Sexy~” Umma stuck her lips. We were watching her with blank look. “Hehe. That’s true right, honey?”

“Yeah…But Sungmin must focus to study. I don’t want your relationship disturbs your study, dear.” Appa stroked my hair.

“It’s not like that. You all misunderstood.” I tried to deny.

“Whatever it is, you better rest now. Doctor said you may go to school tomorrow if you rest well tonight.” Umma lied me down and put on my blanket.

“Have you eaten your medicine?”

“I have, appa.” I smiled to make sure Appa knew I was okay.

“Good. Sleep well, dear. Call me if you need anything.” Umma kissed my cheek.

“I’ll sleep here with hyung, umma.” Ryeowook came holding his pillow and blanket.

“Sure. Come here.” I tapped my bed. I was sure he was going to cry this night.

And that was right. After Appa and Umma said good night, he hugged me and cried a lot. I knew Yesung. We often met in church. He is a good boy. He is smart, sings well, and kind. I knew my little brother didn’t get dumped by him, but who could see his dearest brother crying like this.

“Ssshtt~ You can’t cry. He will be sad, Wookie. It’s not what he wants too I think.” I stroked his hair. I could feel Wookie nodded in my hug. He cried a lot until he felt tired and finally sleeping.

“Good night, my lil brother.” I smiled while looking at his angelic sleeping face.

(Sungmin POV)

“Good after…noon.” Kyuhyun entered the hall where we would practice.

“Good afternoon!!” I greeted him happily.

“Ah, you are here, Kyu. Here your drink.” Kibum, a boy that I met on the train passed him a cola.

“I don’t drink cola, Kibum-ah.” He put the cola on the floor and sat beside me. “You are here, hyung. How are you?”

“Me? Fine. Because of sweet rose I’m okay now.” I showed him the rose he gave. He seemed shock.

“Haha. I thought you didn’t receive it since you didn’t reply my message and answer my call.”

“I’m really sorry. My phone was broken and the chip got wet, so I changed phone and number. I’ll call you now, please save my number.” I took my phone from the bag.

“Pinky.” He said.


“That’s pinky again. Your new phone.” He pointed at my new phone.

“Yes, the name is pinky. How can you know? Ah!! Voice message. Aiiihh~ That’s embarrassing.”

“Hahaha. This is your new number?” He showed me my number on his phone.

“Yes. Great to know that I will act with you, Kyu. You never told me that you act in this drama.”

“I didn’t. Kibum asked me to join, so I joined. I warn you from now that you will be tired because of me. My acting is bad.” He shook his head.

“Sungmin oppa always said that too.” Jessica came with some shirts. “Please try this on, oppa. You too, Kyuhyun.” She gave me and Kyuhyun the shirts.

“Is this costume?” Kyuhyun asked while checking the costume.

“Yes. That’s yours.” Jessica nodded.

“But I was never measured…”

“No need. It has same size with your coat and trouser from Kibum. He gave them all after you went yesterday, but I gave them all back last night.”

“Oh. That’s why I saw them on my bed this morning. Haha. Thanks, Jess. I’ll try this.” Kyuhyun went to a toilet in the hall.

“Let me join you!” I chased after Kyuhyun but was stopped by Jessica.

“Where are you going? You are a girl here. Are you supposed to change clothes with a boy?? Here. Come with me!” Jessica dragged me.

“Yah! I’m a boy. Jessica! Kyuhyun… Haa… Help me.” I acted crying as she dragged me away. The rest of club members laughed at me, meanwhile Kyuhyun was standing with blank look.

“Hmmmph~ Haha! Bye bye, princess. Change to nice dress and fall in love with me.” He stuck his tongue out.

“What?! Just wait, Cho Kyuhyun!” I still shouted.

“Can you shut your mouth, oppa?” Jessica got angry. “Here. Change here. I will wait outside. I need to know if this will suit you or not.”

“Can you be more polite to your oppa?” I stared at her. “By the way where is it?” I entered the room.

“This is female restroom. The male restroom is where Kyuhyun at now. I can help you if you join him.” She pushed me to enter the room.

“I am a boy too. Aren’t you scared of me meanwhile just both of us here? What if I attack you?” I asked while smiling devilishly to her.

“You? Attack me? What nonsense!” She replied while looking down to me. “Hurry change!”

“Yeah. Don’t look at here.” I closed the door. “You made the costume?” I kept asking while changing.

“No. Seohyun made it. I think Kyuhyun will suit with his costume. He is tall and handsome. Oh, my son~”

“Your son?? Hehehe. He is your son in this drama. Kibum is your husband.”

“Yes. How happy I am. I will have handsome husband and cute son.” Jessica must be smiling in the back of the door.

“Yumkwang’s students are handsome right? Hehehe.”

“Yes. Kyuhyun is handsome.”

“Jess, don’t say you like…” I was a bit shock hearing Jessica said that Kyuhyun is handsome.

“Yes. I like Kibum.”

“Hah?! Kibum… You said Kyuhyun is handsome. Player.”

“Kyuhyun is handsome, but I like Kibum since middle school. We went to same school and joined drama club together. Fortunately I met him again.” I could feel happiness in her voice.

“I’m happy for you. I’m done.” I opened the door.

“Thank y-you… OPPA!!! Wonderful!! This is art!” Jessica shouted happily and jumped around. “Eh ah eh try this wig. You will look perfect!!” She passed me a wig.

“Are you sure? I will look like an aunty with this.” I refused.

“No no no! You are pretty. Try it first. Let me help you wear it.” She took the wig and asked me to bend down. She put it on my head. I felt a bit uncomfortable. It was long-black-wig. “Finish~ Wow. Look at you!”

I walked to big mirror in the female restroom and, “AAAAHHHH!! WHO IS THIS?? Why so pretty??” I screamed.

“For God’s sake, oppa. Don’t compliment yourself like that. It is disgusting.” Jessica shook her head. “Pretty right? Let’s go and see if Kyuhyun has done or not.” She took my hand.

“Wait!!” I stopped walking. I was nervous. What would Kyuhyun say if I wore this clothes? This white gown covered my body until reach my knee with pink flower pattern on the edge.

“Why? You look great. Trust me. People will not know if you are a boy.” Jessica smiled. “C’mon!” Finally we left the female restroom.

The members of drama club stared at me in disbelieve. “Oh my God, Min! You are pretty!” said one of my friend.

“Thank you.” I smiled bitterly.

“Ah, how to button this?” Kyuhyun just came from male restroom while trying to button the stud on his sleeve.

“Kyuhyun?? Oh my God~” I covered my mouth. Gosh~ This is heaven.

(To be continue)

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