2010.08.26 Thurs(day) 03:42

..Rather than walking in mud (I’ll) roll..

..Fast road, rather than the closer road..(I’ll) go back to the long road..

..If I get hurt and (the wound) starts bleeding (even if it) rips and if it rips even more (and) becomes painful..

..Until I get harden fat and can’t feel any pain I will become stronger..

..I don’t grow flowers in a greenhouse..Like a wild flower that’s been thrown on the road..

..Like a weed..I’ve grown it to be strong..

..tbs* traffic broadcast(.) Starting with Leeteuk’s SingSing Music Show..

..Sunday morning 9:30 to going around variety (shows) I learned from the beginning..

..Starting with co-hosting DongBangShinKi’s fan meeting (to being the) mc* at a paleolith festival in Gyeonggi-do..

..Super Junior team may be an elite group but I am not..

..(I) still lack.. I will roll more..(become) ripped..

..(Be in) pain(,) be in pain..

..I am many people’s agony.. Tears.. Love…

..Pain.. Feeling happiness I am too small..

..10 years in the future..When I stand in that place..

..With a bright laugh I will hug everyone..

..But right now I am still too small(,) I (feel like) I can’t hug everyone..

..Right now..Right now is just..With just two words I want to say it..

..Hate it…

Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net