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Credit: pinkninjaish1 at YT


Reporter (0:35- 0:45): Previously Heechul came to China to film a show, Hangeng said that the both of them have contacted each other, the previous time Hangeng went to Korea, he did meet up with Heechul. Hangeng even smiled and said the next time Heechul comes he’d bring him to the dumpling restaurant.


Reporter (0:46): Then right now, (do you) still keep in contact with the brothers from (your) previous group?

Hangeng (0:50): Yes I do, wasn’t it mentioned just now (laughs), when Heechul comes I’ll invite him to have some dumplings.

Reporter (0:55): Is everyone’s relationship still good?

Hangeng (0:56): (Our relationship) is still very good, is still very good.

Source: SJ baidu bar
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