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On the 12th, KBS COOL FM《Super Junior Kiss The Radio》homepage posted pictures of guest BoA and DJ Eunhyuk’s group photo. In the picture BoA and Eunhyuk both had awkward expressions while holding hands, they even looked like they were unable to bear their laughter and were embarrassed. Other than that there was also a picture of them closely embraced by the shoulder, but BoA’s expression was really shy. The staff wrote: “Eunhyuk and BoA’s hand holding 3 consecutive shots, through the picture you can sense an awkward atmosphere. Although the both of them strongly requested for them to embrace by the shoulder, it was still very awkward!” describing the atmosphere then.

Netizens who seen the photos also stated: “Both of you quickly become closer!” “Their shy looks are really cute!” and so on.

Source: TV Daily
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Credit: SHRINX4SiHaeTV at YT

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