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He made the game and he became the victim. Hahaha!!

Credit: gonkasrpp at YT


“Hello, I’m a new singer, Lee Hyukjae. Our new song came out, please love “Miinah”. (singing, shaking hands) I’m sorry, but can I get your autograph?”

Heechul’s tweet translation: following up “It’s Refreshing” game, it’s “It’s embarrassing” ㅡMembers are of course me, Shindong, Donghae, and Eunhyukㅋㅋ The first victim is EunhyukㅋㅋThank you to Orange Caramel adn f(x)^-^ A project game to find a beginner’s attitude “It’s Embarrassing”

Credit: PuppyJJong at YT