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Fan : Ah I’m hungry ㅠㅠ
Wook : I’m having fried rice ~ want to eat together ? ㅋ
Fan : Do you like fried rice ?
Wook : ㅋㅋ (I) like it ~ ㅎㅎ

Fan : Right now it’s break time ~ ㅋ Are you thinking about me ? because I’m thinking about you ㅋ
Wook : Me too ~~ (I’m) thinking about you ^^

Fan : I left school early due to having a stomachahe ㅜㅜ ack oppa please dont get hurt
Wook : Are you alright ?? ㅠㅠ
Fan : I sufferred from enteritis ㅜㅜ indeed the health is the most important thing!
Wook : Aigoo please dont get hurt ~~ ㅠㅠ

Fan : I should have done a crossword but it was very difficult ㅜㅜㅜㅜ
Kyu : If it’s that difficult then you should just give up

Fan : You’re really..!! Although it’s just a dot it’s still OK please send me a reply ㅠㅠ I dont hope for anything big but just a dot
Kyu : I wont send you a reply since you just hope for a dot let’s hope for something bigger

Fan : ( ºДº)!!!!!!!
Kyu : ㅡ.ㅡ??

Fan : Oppa recently I really like Haemin ~~~ ♥♥♥
Min : ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Fan : I’m going to Lotte World ♥♥♥
Min : I’m jealous !!!!!!!!

Fan : Ah…I’m preparing for the entrance exam and it’s very hard e.x.a.m h.e.l.l ㅠㅠ
Min : It’s the most exhausted time in this world rite ?? fighting ~~^^

Fan : Oppa ! uhm please recommend me one type of dry wine ♥ I’m really attracted to dry wine ~
Min : Roggio

source : osmr fancafe
translated by


Fan : World Tour and Super Show…you must be tired ㅜ but you will receive a lot of love from ELF ~! Let’s wait for it ^^♥
Kyuhyun : (I’m) waiting &&^^

Fan : It’s raining at time like this telling horror stories will be the best ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kyuhyun : On raining days it should be Makkeoli
“Makkeoli” is Korean rice wine

Fan : I cant sleep…tomorrow I have to go to Babtolseu !! ㅠㅠ
Kyuhyun : You should come to “Hankook hakwon” sometimes too!
Babtolseu is Yesung’s parents’ restaurant and “Hankook hakwon” (“Korean Academy” – Full name “Hankook U.P.I hakwon”) is a private institude for primary, junior high and high school students which Kyuhyun’s father is the administrator

Fan : Ack, what are Jungsoo oppa doing not sleeping ? ㅋ Donghae and Ryeowook oppa went out eating sundae together why didnt oppa come too ~~~
Kyuhyun : Those guys left out only me ㅡ ㅡ

Fan : When I’m tired you will give me the strength
Kyuhyun : I’m with you forever
Both the question and the answer is lines from Kyuhyun’s song “Hope is the dream that doesnt sleep”

Fan : Oah ~~~~ Tomorrow I have to go to school ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…………………………..ㄱ- but I havent done my homework yet ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Kyuhyun : Just do it on the very day (of going to school)

Fan : It’s hot It’s hot ~~~~~~
Kyuhyun : I’m hot too !!
Fan : Then, go having some ice-creams ~~~ㅋ
Kyuhyun : Okie….

source : onsaemiro & chunhweeryong fancafe
translated by
may take out with full credits

Fan : Kyuhyun oppa! Why is oppa handsome like that????????ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Kyuhyun : I dont know either~~

Fan : Ryeowook oppa, have you been building your muscles recently? Ah…Ryeowook oppa please dont build your muscleㅠㅠ
Ryeowook : ㅋㅋㅋ Beastly guy Ryeowook

Fan : Yah, Cho Kyuhyun (oppa) there was Yewook pop up this time, dont you know it? Will you let your man (Ryeowook Kim) be taken away like that!?
Ryeowook : ^^ there was Yewook pop up……wah ㅋㅋ
this fan is a Hyunwook (Kyuwook) fan and she was talking about Yewook’s back-hug picture in Shanghai SS2 concert

Fan : Finally today I got Sungmin oppa’s signature! Am I jjang~~
Sungmin : Jjang! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
jjang : best, great

March 22nd – this is an UFO message that Siwon send to fans who have UFO account, it’s not a private reply ^^

Siwon : Today 8.50PM! Everybody please let’s support for the first epsidoe of SBS Oh my lady’s Sung Minwo a lot ~

Source : onsaemiro fancafe
translated by

Fan: Oppa, studying is so tiring! Ryeowook-oppa, I love you! I’m going to faint of over-tiredness!>~
Ryeowook: ㅜㅜ I love you~~~!!! Don’t be sad~~~~

Fan: Oppa, you must be happy~ Come back to China regularly, I love you all! Kyuhyun-oppa, please give me a reply~ Wuwu*
Kyuhyun: Okay okay, I definitely will go to China this year ^^

* Wuwu = crying sound

Fan: Donghae-ah, happy valentines day… I love you ^^ Hwaiting
Donghae: You are my everything ^^

Fan: Sungmin-oppa, I will be taking my exam next month. Please give me some encouragement. hehehehe
Sungmin: Do well for your exam~!! Hwaiting!

Fan: Ryeowook-oppa, if I go Korea for a vacation this holiday, could you be my tourguide? Haha~
Ryeowook: Come to Korea~~~ ^^ I will treat you meals~~~~ Treat you ^^

Fan: Aish~ Kyuhyun-oppa… I miss you! I don’t know how to continue studying… My brain is full of you! Let’s get married!
Kyuhyun: I also miss you~~~ ^^

Translated by: L @ SJ-WORLD.NET

ELF: Donghae~ you all are everything to us!^^
Donghae: I love you^^ *

Credits: UFOTown and  Super Junior’s Baidu Bar
Translated by: jenloren07 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Lee Donghae, I am really a failure…I don’t know Korean…
[Donghae] Wo ai ni* I love you!!

*he wrote it in hangeul…it means “I love you” in Chinese.; the girl’s korean was really bad

Translated by τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪ @ SJ-WORLD.NET.

2010-02-14 14:05
Fan: Zhou Mi Ge~ Happy Valentine’s Day! I saw your UFO last week which said you’re still in Korea, and can’t have your reunion dinner with your family, but I hope you still had a happy celebration! International Honeys will always support you!

ZM: *ilovejr*, I see your message again~ I’m celebrating Lunar New Year’s in Korea again this year, but with all of you accompanying me, I don’t feel lonely at all. The first day of Lunar New Year is also Valentine’s, and I remembered the Valentine’s Day fan meeting that we’ve had with all of you.

2010-02-14 14:07
Fan: Zhou Mi Ge~ Happy Valentine’s Day! I saw your UFO last week which said you’re still in Korea, and can’t have your reunion dinner with your family, but I hope you still had a happy celebration! International Honeys will always support you!

【周觅】2010年,我们都会更加加油,希望有机会去新加坡,墨尔本见国际觅糖啊~ 新年快乐…..我爱你们~
ZM: In the year 2010, we’ll all work harder, and hope that I have the chance to go to Singapore and Melbourne to meet the international Honeys~ Happy New Year…… I love all of you~

2010-02-14 14:03
Fan: Zhou Mi Ge, Happy Lunar New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day, gege* must eat tang yuan**, and who are you spending the day with today? Please tell me, I won’t tell anyone else, haha. No matter who you’re celebrating the day with, we only want you to be happy

ZM: Jia Jia, I’m spending Valentine’s Day with all of you, just like last year, except that I’m in Korea this year~ My heart is with all of you~ Happy Lunar New Year~

* Elder brother in Chinese
** A Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour (Click!)

2010-02-14 14:xx
Fan: Zhou Mi Ge, it’s Lunar New Year today~ Wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year! And… Happy Valentine’s Day! Keke… Honeys miss you a lot! Please take care of yourself, jiayou! Zhou Mi, you’re the best! We love you!

ZM: Morning. Jiao ya, Happy Lunar New Year~ I’m so happy today because I’ve received a lot, a lot of wishes from Honeys today~ With all of you, I won’t be lonely during New Year’s~ All of you are also the best!

2010-02-14 xx:xx
Fan: Zhou Mi Ge, Happy New Year! It’s your original life this year!* Please remember that you still have Honeys, remember that we’re always here, and everyone’s waiting for you in the bar**, come out and meet everyone once you’ve had enough of hiding yourself, keke, miss you

ZM: Keke~~ Yu Yi classmate~ Happy New Year~ I’ve been wanting to send my New Year’s wishes to everyone since a long time ago, but restrained myself until the first day of lunar new year haha~

* It’s the year of the Tiger, the year in which Zhou Mi was born in ^^
** Zhou Mi’s Baidu bar

2010-02-14 14:01
Fan: Zhou Mimi… What are you doing now, I miss you a lot. Korea must be very cold, so please wear more clothes and don’t catch a flu! It’s not cold in Hong Kong, do you want to come and play ^^ If not then I’ll come look for you to play. Hehe… Happy Lunar New Year + Valentine’s Day ><

ZM: Kou Zao meimei~ Happy New Year~ All of you, thank you for always, always accompanying me~ I’ll give you chocolates~ Haha

2010-02-14 xx:xx
Fan: Dear God! I hope You can deliver my wishes to Zhou Mi who is currently far away in Korea, wish that he’ll be happy and blessed forever. Just like you sang, we hope you’re happy, really just want you to be happy! Do you know? – Xiao Li


ZM: Xiao Li, Happy Lunar New Year~ I’ve received all your wishes today, and I’ll always be happy if I have all of you~ ^^

Credits: Zhou Mi’s Baidu Bar
Thanks to fampar @ for the heads up!
Translated by: eternalsnow @