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Debut                    : November 6th 2005

Members               : Leeteuk (leader), Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, and Kyuhyun. Henry and Zhoumi (Super Junior M)

Official Fanclub     : E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friend)

Official Color        : Sapphire Blue

Official Web          :

Super Junior (Korean: 슈퍼주니어), often referred to as SJ or SuJu (슈주), is a boy band from Seoul, South Korea formed by SM Entertainment in 2005. With a total of thirteen members, Super Junior is the largest boy band in the world. The group consists of Leeteuk (leader), Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, and Kyuhyun.

Super Junior has released and contributed in 19 different kinds of records with varying degrees of success. Over the years, they have been divided into smaller sub groups, simultaneously targeting different music industries and audiences. Largely due to Super Junior’s success as entertainers, other Korean entertainment managements began to train their music groups in other areas of entertainment, such as acting and hosting. In addition to their commercial success, Super Junior has earned seven music awards from the Asian Music Awards, eleven from the Golden Disk Awards (including Album of the Year and Daesang), and is the second singing group to win Favorite Artist Korea at the MTV Asia Awards after JTL in 2003.

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk were the first two members of the group to be recruited in 2000 under SM’s Starlight Casting System in Seoul.

In 2001, the company held their first overseas casting auditions and discovered Han Geng in Beijing, who was chosen among three thousand applicants. That same year, Yesung was discovered under Seoul’s casting system with his friend HeeChul. Sungmin and Donghae were also selected to be trainees after their appearance in an SM-sponsored contest. In 2002, Heechul and Kangin was recruited along with Kibum, who was discovered in Los Angeles. Siwon was casted in 2003 and Ryeowook in 2004, in which the latter was discovered through the Chinchin Youth Festival singing competition. In 2005, Shindong was selected.

In early 2005, Lee Sooman confirmed the news and announced that an all-boy project group of twelve members would debut near the end of the year, promoting this singing group to be “The Gateway to Stardom of Asia.” Lee announced that that most members in this group were chosen because of their performing experiences as actors, MCs, models, and radio hosts prior debut. Heechul and Kibum were already established entertainers, and most of the other members had already made various kinds of appearances on television and media.

For a while the group was rumored to be called O.V.E.R, the acronym for “Obey the Voice for Each Rhythm.” However, before the group settled with their current name, SM simply referred to them as Junior, a representation of the members’ young ages when they first became SM trainees. After the members’ showcased their different talents to the company at a picnic, the company finalized their concept name to Super Junior. The group thereafter became officially Super Junior 05, the first generation of Super Junior.

Super Junior 05 made their pre-debut on the Korean channel Mnet on September 11, 2005. At the showcase, they performed various styles of hip hop dancing. The group danced to B2K’s “Take It To The Floor.” Han Geng, Eunhyuk, and Donghae also performed a separate dance away from the group, dancing to Usher’s “Caught Up.” However, the performance did not air on television until May 16, 2006 as a segment in the Super Junior Show, the group’s first television documentary.



  • 2005: SuperJunior05 (TWINS)
  • 2007: Don’t Don
  • 2009: Sorry, Sorry

CD singles

  • 2005: “Show Me Your Love” (With TVXQ)
  • 2006: “U”
  • 2008: “U/TWINS” (Special Japan release)
  • 2008: “Marry U” (Special Japan release)
  • 2009: “Sorry, Sorry” (Special Japan release)
  • 2009: “Seoul Song” (With Girls’ Generation)
  • 2009: “Sorry, Sorry-Answer”

Live Albums

  • 2008: “Super Show Tour Concert Album”
  • 2009: “Super Show 2 Tour Concert Album”

Extended plays

  • 2007: U (Special Taiwan release)


  • 2007: 2007 SMTOWN Summer Concert
  • 2008: The 1st ASIA TOUR, Super Show
  • 2008: SMTown Live ’08
  • 2009: The 2nd ASIA TOUR, Super Show 2
  • 2009: SMTown Live ’09


Since debut, SM Entertainment has created four subgroups for Super Junior. Every member was put into different subgroups excluding Kibum, due to his busy acting schedule. The intentions of the subgroups were part of SM’s strategy to not limit Super Junior’s activities, and the goal was to show that the group could accommodate different musical genres.

Super Junior-K.R.Y

established in November 2006, is a trio formed by

  • Kyuhyun
  • Ryeowook
  • Yesung

Super Junior-T

The trot-singing group released their first single “Rokkugo” in February 23, 2007 and made a debut performance on Popular Songs two days later. This second sub-unit arrived in February 2007, formed by

  • Leeteuk

  • Heechul

  • Kangin

  • Shindong

  • Sungmin

  • Eunhyuk

Super Junior-M

a subgroup designated for the Chinese market. Formed On October 2, 2007 by

  • Hankyung

  • Siwon

  • Donghae

  • Ryeowook

  • Kyuhyun

  • Zhoumi

  • Henry

Super Junior Happy

released the  Cooking? Cooking! on June 5, 2008, and promotions ended on September 7, lasting for four months. This subunit is formed by

  • Leeteuk

  • Yesung

  • Kangin

  • Shindong

  • Sungmin

  • Eunhyuk



Birth Name            : Park Jungsoo

Stage Name           : Leeteuk (Official), Eeteuk

Chinese Name       : Li Te

Nickname              : Angel Without Wings, Teukie Teukie Eeteukie. Angel Teuk, Lida Park, Peterpan (by Heechul), Mr. Park, Park Baram

Height                   : 178 cm

Weight                  : 59 kg

Blood type            : A

Born                     : July 1st 1983 at Seoul Yeonshinnae

Voice Type                  : Tenor

Position                        : Leader, sub vocal, main dancer

Siblings                         : Park Inyoung (1982, older sister)

Hobby                          : Playing piano, composition, listening to music, singing, and online

Education                     :

  • Shinsa ES
  • Soongshil JHS
  • Soongshil SHS
  • Baekjae Institute of Arts and then transferred to Inha Univ

Ideal Girl                      : Pretty, outgoing, 163 cm tall with thin ankles and wrists. (Ideal Boy: Kyuhyun ^^’)

Cyworld                       :

Car                              : BMW New 3

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         : Starlight Casting System 2000

First Appearance          : 2000 MBC “All About Eve” as movie goers

Music Instrument          : Piano

Favorite Color              : White

Fans club                      : Angelleeteuk

Motto                           : “Speed!”

Shoe Size                     : 265 mm

Trivia                            :

  • Leader Super Junior
  • His old name was “kangsu” then changed into “Eeteuk” (special person in the world)
  • He has MCed with Kangin and Shindong for M!Countdown
  • To be member who interest with the opposite sex the most
  • He got laser eye surgery, now he wears lensless glasses for fashion
  • A girl ever took his minihompy and his father asked for it
  • Has dimple on his left cheek
  • He doesn’t want to grow up. LOL
  • He was put into a five-member boy band. The names were OK, Pricor, and Smile
  • A DJ with Eunhyuk for Super Junior Kiss The Radio since August 21th 2006


Birth Name            : Kim Heechul

Stage Name           : Heechul

Chinese Name       : Xi Che

Nickname              : Heenim, Cinderella, Sachawon, Kim Cherry, Petals

Height                   : 179 cm

Weight                  : 60 kg

Blood Type           : AB

Born                     : July 10th 1983 at Hoengseong, Kangwondo

Grew up in Wonju, Kangwondo

Voice Type                  : Tenor

Posisition                      : Sub leader, rapper, and sub vocal

Siblings                         : Kim Heejin (1982, older sister)

Hobby                          : Writing poems, writing fairy tale, playing computer games, drawing comics

Education                     :

  • Myungduk Preschool
  • Shinwoo ES
  • Jinkwang JHS
  • Wonjoogonguo SHS
  • Sangji Univ (graduated in 2008, Computer Data Analysis Major)

Ideal Girl                      : Single- eyelid girl with a pretty neck, looks good in mini skirt and with her tied up, sexy, and smart

Cyworld                       :

Car                              : Peugeot 206

Religion                        : Atheist

Casting                         : Starlight Casting Systm 2002

First appearance           : February 2005, KBS “Banolim 2”

Music Instrument          : Piano and violin

Favorite color               : Red, Pink, and Black

Fans club                      : Petals

Motto                           : “I am me, you are you”

Pet                               :

  • Han J. Heebum (Russian Blue cat, since 06.11.11)
  • Champagne (Siamese cat, since 08.7.26)
  • Yamchae (Russian Blue cat, 05.7.13-05.11.3)

Shoe Size                     : 260~270 mm

Movie              :

  • Loveholic (as chef)
  • Banolim 2 (2005)
  • Nonstop (2005)
  • Bad Family (2006, as Gong Min)
  • Golden Bride (2007,as Kim Young-soo)
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007, as one of 3 chipmunks with Kangin and Shindong)

Trivia                :

  • He used to share an apartment with Jay Kim (vocalist TRAX)
  • He MCed for Youngstreet with Park Heebon
  • He used to live with Kibum and Hangeng in separate dorm with other members
  • He knew seasoning from Hankyung
  • He can’t wait more than 10 minutes
  • He paid his college fee by himself
  • Love to kiss anyone
  • He was put into a group with Kangin, Hero, and Yunho called “Four Seasons


Birth Name            : Hangeng

Stage Name           : Hankyung, Hangeng (in China)

Chinese Name       : Hangeng

Nickname              : Eagle, The Miracle of 1,3 Million, Angel of Heilung Jiang

Height                   : 181 cm

Weight                  : 66 kg

Blood type            : B

Born                     : February 9th 1984 at Mudanjiang in Hei Long Jiang Province, China.

Voice Type                  : Tenor

Position                        : Leader Super Junior-M, main dancer, sub vocal

Siblings                         : None

Hobby                          : Playing computer games

Education                     :

  • Beijing Dance Academy
  • Central Ethnical Univ

Ideal Girl                      : Quite and cute girl who respects his parents and loves him the way he is (I do~)

Cyworld                       : and

Car                              : Benz SLR McLaren

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         : H.O.T China Audition Casting 2001

First Appearance          : May 2005, Fashion Show F/W

Music Instrument          : Piano

Favorite Color              : Black

Motto                           : “Try Your Best Everyday”

Pet                               :

  • Rong-Rong
  • Mao-Mao
  • Rider

Speciality                      : Chinese Traditional Dance (56 minority ethnic dances), ballet, martial arts

Foot size                      : 260~270 mm or 42

Movie                          : Stage of Youth (as Xia Lei)

Trivia                            :

  • He is Chinese
  • He used to live with Kibum and Heechul in separate dorm with other members
  • His idols are Andy Lau, Wang Leehom, Jang Donggun, Jaychou, Fan Yichen and director Lee An.
  • He learned Traditional Chinese Dance (55 of them), Ballet, and martial art.
  • He won 2nd place of Traditional Chinese Dance
  • The scariest member for him is Kangin. LOL
  • The most thankful member is Siwon.
  • He always carry Chinese-Korean dictionary
  • He is an ethnic Nanai from Northeast China


Birth Name            : Kim Jong Woon

Stage Name           : Yesung

Chinese Name       : Yi Xing

Nickname              : Cloud, Artistic Vocal Cords, Cheonan Uljjang, Yeneung

Height                   : 178 cm

Weight                  : 64 kg

Blood type            : AB

Born                     : August 24st 1984 at Cheonan in Southern Choongchung Province

Voice Type                  : Baritone

Position                        : Lead vocal

Siblings                         : Kim Jongjin (1987, Younger brother)

Hobby                          : Singing, listening to music, exercise

Education                     :

  • Boochunduksan Preschool
  • Cheonanchungsoo ES
  • Boosung JHS
  • Byungchun SHS
  • Chungwoon Univ and then transferred to Sunmoon Univ (Graduated in 2009, Broadcast Music Major)

Ideal Girl                      : Girl who looks like Moon Geungyoung

Cyworld                       :

Car                              : Samsung SM5

Religion                        : Catolic

Casting                         : Starlight Casting System 2001

First Appearance          : November 1999, Cheonan Gayoge Gold Statue

Music Instrument          : Piano

Favorite Color              : Red

Pet                               :

  • Ddangkkoma (a turtle, $150)
  • Morajima

Shoe Size                     : 260~270 mm

Favorite Season            : Autumn

Favorite Subject           : Physical or sport

Least Fav Subject         : Math

Church                         : Chunjoo

Trivia                            :

  • He even can’t drink 1 bottle of alcohol
  • He had his first kiss in 2nd year of SHS
  • The highest rank in school was 2nd and the lowest was 22nd
  • He would like to go to Canada
  • He has small finger
  • He has a big mole like Jeju island on his stomach


Birth Name            : Kim Youngwoon

Stage Name           : Kangin

Chinese Name       : Jiang Ren

Nickname              : Bear Kangin, Strength Kangin, Raccoon, Korea No.1 Handsome Guy, The Real Leader, Kim Gundal (by his grandma), Cheongwoon

Height                   : 180 cm

Weight                  : 70 kg

Blood type            : O

Born                     : January 17th 1985 at Seoul Seodaemoongoo, Hangeundong

Voice Type                  : Baritone

Position                        : Main Vocal

Siblings                         : None

Hobby                          : Acting, singing, exersice, boxing, and swimming

Education                     :

  • Hongeun ES
  • Shinyun JHS
  • Hankwang SHS
  • Sangmyung English Toturing
  • Baekjae Institute of Arts (Theater Arts major)
  • Kyunghee Univ (Cultural Arts Management major)

Ideal Girl                      : Rich, pretty girl with pretty feet and long straight hair

Cyworld                       : (owned by another person)

Car                              : Ranger Rover

Religion                        : Atheist

Casting                         : 4th SM Youth Best Selection and Best Award Appearance 1st place 2002

First Appearance          : May 2002, SBS “A Man and A Woman”

Music Instrument          : Piano

Favorite Color              : White

Fans club                      : Camomile

Pet                               : Gongju “Princess” (Female Japanese Spitz)

Pants                            : 34 inch

Shoe Size                     : 270 mm

Movie              :

  • The Secret Lovers (2002)
  • Billie Jean, Look At Me (as cameo)
  • Romance Zero (2009, as Na Ho-tae)
  • Hello Schoolgirl (2008)
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007, as one of 3 chipmunks with Heechul and Shindong)

Trivia                            :

  • Has tattoo “Actions are more precious than words” but the word “Precious” misprounced with “Prection”
  • He has MCed with Leeteuk and Shindong for M!Countdown
  • He had been the DJ of Chunbangjichuk Radio and replaced by Sungmin
  • He is the DJ of Chinhan Chingu Radio after taking over Tablo’s position
  • Has been swimming for 7 years
  • He ever skipped an important surgery to continue standing on stage
  • He was put into a group with Heechul, Hero, and Yunho called “Four Seasons


Birth Name            : Shin Donghee

Stage Name           : Shindong

Chinese Name       : Shendong

Nickname              : Dolpan Ogyupsal

Height                   : 178 cm

Weight                  : 90 kg

Blood type            : O

Born                     : September 28 1985 at Moonkyung in Northern Kyunggi Province

Voice Type                  : Bass

Position                        : Rapper, Main dancer

Siblings                         : None

Hobby                          : Making facial expression, making jokes, dancing, and eating

Education                     :

  • Dukee ES
  • Ilsan JHS
  • Saewon SHS
  • Baekjae Institute of Arts (Dance major)

Ideal Girl                      : Cute, short girl

Cyworld                       : (Owned by another person)

Car                              : Benz New SLR Classic

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         :

  • 9th SM Youth Best Selection
  • 1st Place Best Comedian
  • Wholeness Compensation 2005

First Appearance          : July 2002, Goyangsi Youth Dance Part Daesang Compensation

Favorite Color              : Purple

Shoe Size                     : 270 mm

Favorite food                : Samgyupsal (Streaky Pork)

Least Fav. Food           : Raw fish

Movie                          :

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007, as one of 3 chipmunks with Kangin and Heechul)

Trivia                            :

  • Has tattoo “A friend in need is a friend indeed”
  • Can not swim
  • He has MCed with Kangin and Leeteuk for M!Countdown
  • Confessed that he cheated on his girlfriend. LOL
  • Out of all the Super Junior members, he got his first kiss first
  • He took only 27 seconds of Super Junior’s shower competition, breaking Siwon’s Record 30 seconds
  • #1 treasure: Cell phone, video games
  • When he was 8, he traveled to China for about 6 months
  • In middle school, he was a team leader for a group called D.R.I
  • In high school, he created a group named Friendship
  • Made a group called T.N Family
  • He makes the dance moving for Super Junior
  • His nick name in high school were “Doing it again” and “sleeping again”. Haha. Lol
  • His leg was burdened by the heater when sleeping in the class during high school.
  • He liked Math subject during high school and the result was good.
  • On April’s Fool Day, he fooled ELF by showing his photo like doing a plastic surgery.


Birth Name            : Lee Sungmin

Stage Name           : Sungmin

Chinese Name       : Chengmin

Nickname              : Pumpkin guy, cute guy, Mr. Pinky, Mr. Bunny

Height                   : 175 cm

Weight                  : 57 kg

Blood type            : A

Born                     : January 1st 1986 at Ilsan in Kyunggi Province

Voice Type                  : Tenor

Position                        : Main vocal, main dancer

Siblings                         : Lee Sungjin (Younger Brother)

Hobby                          : Acting, watching movies, playing piano and guitar

Speciality                      : Martial arts

Education                     : Seoul Arts Univ then transferred to Myongji Univ (Theater Musical major)

Ideal Girl                      : Cute, short, nice girl

Cyworld                       :

Car                              : Honda Civic

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         :

  • 1st SM Youth Best Selection
  • Best Award Appearance 1st place 2001

First Appearance          : August 2005, MBC “Sea of Sisters”

Music Instrument          : Piano and guitar

Favorite Color              : Pink

Shoe Size                     : 250 mm

Pet                               :

  • Ari (means “Fighting”, Yorkshire Terrier)
  • Hyaku (named Hyaku because he got it when it was 100 days)

Movie                          : Sisters of the Sea (as young Kang Dong-shin)

Trivia                            :

  • He is very precise when cooking
  • His first kiss was Eunhyuk
  • Appointed to be a member who would definitely get caught while two-timing his girlfriend
  • Sungmin can do nunchucks
  • He has told his noona fans to call him “oppa”
  • He is anemic
  • He did martial art
  • For him, Super Junior is “Theme Park”
  • He was going to change his wardrobe once, but there were to much pink, so he decided not to change
  • He can sleep in the count of 3


Birth Name            : Lee Hyukjae

Stage Name           : Eunhyuk (He changed his name stage because his name is same as comedian “Lee Hyukjae”)

Chinese Name       : En He

Nickname              : Monkey, gem Adonis, little mermaid, cockroach, hallyu star, hyojjae, hyukgoo, myeolchi (Anchovy)

Height                   : 176 cm

Weight                  : 58 kg

Blood type            : O

Born                     : April 4th 1986 at Goyangshi Neunggok

Voice Type                  : Tenor

Position                        : Rapper, Main dancer

Siblings                         : Lee Sora (1984, older sister)

Hobby                          : Dancing, exercising, listening to music

Education                     :

  • Sungsangyooahwon Preschool
  • Byungsuhl Kindergarten
  • Neunggok ES
  • Hwahsoh JHS
  • Hwahsoh SHS
  • Paichai Univ (Drama and Cinema major)

Ideal Girl                      : Pale skinned, cute, short girl (Ideal boy: Shindong )

Cyworld                       :

Car                              : Hyundai

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         : Starlight Casting System 2000

First Appearance          : 2000 Goyangsi Youth Dance Business Contest Gold Statue

Music Instrument          : Piano

Fans club                      : My Eunhyuk

Shoe Size                     : 265 mm

Pet                               : Choco

Favorite color               : White, blue, beige, grey

Favorite country           : Australia, Egypt, Japan

Trivia                            :

  • He is close friend with Xiah Junsu (TVXQ)
  • Never forget to bow 90 degrees to his fans before leaving stage
  • He is the dancing machine
  • He is a crybaby
  • A DJ with Leeteuk for Super Junior Kiss The Radio since August 21th 2006


Birth Name            : Lee Donghae

Stage Name           : Donghae

Chinese Name       : Donghai

Nickname              : Fish, sushi, hweh, Ryeowook’s #1 fan, Bada’s Dad (Cute!!), East Sea, Mokpo Uljjang

Height                   : 176 cm

Weight                  : 60 kg

Blood type            : A

Born                     : October 15th 1986 at Mokpo in Southern Jeolla Province

Voice Type                  : Tenor

Position                        : Main Dancer, Main Vocal

Siblings                         : Lee Donghwa (older brother)

Hobby                          : Dancing, exercising, singing, watching movies

Education                     : Myongji Univ (Performance Art major)

Ideal Girl                      : Caring, motherly girl with pretty collarbones, has big eyes, pale skinned, and cute

Cyworld                       :

Car                              : Samsung SM3

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         :

  • 3rd SM Youth Best Selection
  • Best Award Appearance 1st place
  • Wholeness compensation 2001

First Appearance          : November 2005, SBS Shin Dong Yup’s “Itta Obtta” panel

Favorite Color              : Sea blue

Favorite food                : Kimchi

Fans club                      : Fishy

Shoe Size                     : 270 mm

Pet                               :

  • Bada (means “Sea”, Bichon Maltese)
  • Meo (“Romeo”, Bichon Maltese)

Trivia                            :

  • He loves Christmas
  • He comes from the same hometown as Yunho (TVXQ)
  • He wants to get married at the age of 32
  • He is afraid of ghost (admitted on Hello Chat)
  • He prefers brown rice tea to soft drink
  • He has habit of taking any memos. LOL
  • Loves children, loves puppies, loves seafood
  • He used to be a part of group named “O-Kay” with Eunhyuk, Sungmin, and Xiah Junsu
  • He likes Song Hyegyo
  • He likes being called “Prince”
  • He does not like drinking
  • Donghae resides on the 4th storey of a small apartment. Everyday after school, he would press the bell of his neighbor’s house and run away until he got caught once. Lol
  • He often forgets his hat, cellphone, and the similar things like that. He would look high and low for his hat, when he already wore it.
  • Once when he was chatting with another member on the phone, he said, ”I forget where is my phone. I’m gonna go up and take it.”
  • He’s a crybaby, soft-hearted, and thinks a lot
  • The best place he likes to keep his savings in is the water dispenser bottle
  • If someone tells him that he’s short, he’ll definitely go online and search for ways to grow taller and drinks only milk and soy milk
  • He is the stage breaker
  • He used to play at public bath house with his friends and using the bath house like a swimming pool, thus making all the ahjussi there got angry
  • When 3rd year in ES, his teacher wrongly accused him for taking away attendance book and punished him in the teacher’s office
  • He was afraid of taking airplane, so he never went to any school trip to Jeju Island


Birth Name            : Choi Siwon

Stage Name           : Siwon

Chinese Name       : Shi Yuan

Nickname              : Simba, The Lord’s #1 fan, bodyguard, gentleman, ma siwon (horse siwon)

Height                   : 183 cm

Weight                  : 65 kg

Blood type            : B

Born                     : February 10 1987 (Official), April 7 1986 (Fact) at Seoul Kangnam

Voice Type                  : Baritone

Position                        : Sub Vocal, Sub Dancer

Siblings                         : Choi Jiwon (Younger Sister)

Hobby                          : Singing Dancing, Acting, and playing drum

Speciality                      : Taekwondo, Chinese Language

Education                     :

  • Gujung SHS
  • Inha Univ (Physical Education major)

Ideal Girl                      : Christian girl with wavy hair and abs

Cyworld                       : (Owned by another person)

Car                              : Audi TT

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         : Starlight Casting System 2003

First Appearance          : October 2003, Dana MV “What is Love”

Music Instrument          : Drum

Shoe Size                     : 270 mm

Movie              :

  • Precious Family (2004, as cameo)
  • Eighteen, Twenty-Nine (2005, as the young Kang Bong-man)
  • Spring Waltz (2006)
  • Legend of Hyang Dan (as Lee Mong-ryong)
  • A Battle of Wits (2006, as Prince Liang)

Trivia                            :

  • Always does hand gesture
  • He got award as sexiest guy in Korea
  • His father is the owner of second biggest supermarket in Korea with 18 branches
  • His mom is a diplomat
  • He ever had a job in gas station, then when he greeted, unfortunately it was his father’s car. Then he didn’t come anymore on the next day


Birth Name            : Kim Ryeowook

Stage Name           : Ryeowook

Chinese Name       : Li Xu

Nickname              : Ryeonggoo, eternak magne, rank #1, ryeowook on top, ex-magnae

Height                   : 173 cm

Weight                  : 58 kg

Blood type            : O

Born                     : June 21st 1987 at Incheon Bupyung Sanggokdong

Voice Type                  : Tenor

Position                        : Lead Vocal

Siblings                         : None

Hobby                          : Composition and singing

Education                     :

  • Dukwon Arts SHS
  • Inha Univ (Theater Arts major)

Ideal Girl                      : Short girl who can sing and has cute smile

Cyworld                       : (Owned by another person)

Car                              : None

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         : CMB Youth Chinchin Festival Popular Reward 2004

First Appearance          : June 2004, MBC “Starry Night”

Music Instrument          : Piano

Favorite Color              : Purple

Favorite Food              : Ice cream, Kimchi fried rice, Strawberry, Chocolate

Shoe Size                     : 260 mm

Trivia                            :

  • He has his first kiss at 7
  • He was featured in a video titled “Hello Summer” with other Chinchin Idol
  • He was a member of S.E.S 5th official fanclub
  • He loves ice cream
  • He likes to try free make-up sample
  • He never carries an umbrella
  • He cries easily
  • He lost his shoe during Miracle performance
  • He can sleep up to 18 hours a day
  • He never irons newly bought jeans
  • He has a mole on his right cheek
  • He wrote Kangin and Yesung’s radio logo song
  • He is the 4th heaviest drinker in Super Junior
  • He’s the 2nd outgoing member after Kangin
  • He replaced Kang Junyoung to be part of Super Junior


Birth Name            : Kim Kibum

Stage Name           : Kibum

Chinese Name       : Ji Fan

Nickname              : Snow White, Killer Smile, The natural one

Height                   : 179 cm

Weight                  : 58 kg

Blood type            : A

Born                     : August 21st 1987 at Seoul

Voice Type                  : Bass

Position                        : Rapper

Siblings                         : Kim Saehee (older sister)

Education                     :

  • Santa Monica California JHS
  • Santa Monica California SHS
  • Inha Univ

Ideal Girl                      : Han Gain

Cyworld                       : (Owned by another person)

Car                              : Matiz

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         : Starlight Casting System 2002

First Appearance          : April 2004, KBS “April Kiss” TV Series

Music Instrument          : Piano

Shoe Size                     : 270 mm

Motto                           : Let’s live with bible.

Movie              :

  • April Kiss (2005, as young Han Jung-woo)
  • Sharp 2 (2005, as the main role Joo Yeo-myung)
  • Nonstop (2005)
  • Marrying a Millionaire (2005, as young Kim Young-hoon)
  • Snow Flower (as Ha Yeongchan)
  • Chunja’s Happy Events (2008, as Park Jung-woo)
  • Jumunjin (2010)

Trivia                            :

  • He used to live with Heechul and Hangeng in separate dorm with other members
  • He lived in California when he was 10 years old for 3 years
  • His IQ is 138
  • He attended School in LA
  • He likes cats, rabbits, and oranges
  • He dislike apple, mice, summer, winter, and number 9
  • Used to participate in Runaway modeling with BoA
  • His first love is a pianist


Birth Name            : Cho Kyuhyun

Stage Name           : Kyuhyun

Chinese Name       : Zhao Kuixian

Nickname              : Game Kyu, Dra Kyu, Choding, Magnae on top, Lord Kyu, Excellent Plastic Surgery Result, Allien, Baby Kyu, Terror Kyu, SkiKyu, Lucky (by Thai fans), Xiao Shi San (Little 13) (He has more than 900 nicknames)

Height                   : 180 cm

Weight                  : 68 kg

Blood type            : A

Born                     : February 3rd 1988 at Seoul Nohwon

Voice Type                  : Bass

Position                        : Lead vocal

Siblings                         : Cho Ahra (1985, older sister)

Hobby                          : Gaming, singing, watching movie, reading, listening to music

Education                     :

  • Shinchung JHS
  • Yumkwang SHS
  • Kyunghee Univ (Modern Music major)

Ideal Girl                      : Pretty, Christian, has pretty legs, long hair, big eyes, and care about him

Cyworld                       :

Fancafe                        : Aekyu

Car                              : Hyundai NF Sonata

Religion                        : Christian

Casting                         : Chinchin Singing Competition (3rd place) 2005

First Appearance          : “New Single Jacket Photoshoot” news on TV

Music Instrument          : Piano, Clarinet

Favorite Color              : White, blue, black

Fans club                      : Prince Kyu

Shoe Size                     : 270 mm

Favorite brand              : Doublesice

Favorite movie              : The Big Swindle, Jumong, Lovers in Paris, The Constitution of Crime, Romeo & Juliet

Favorite singer  : Sung Sikyung and Lee Sokra

Favorite actress            : Kim Taehee and Jun Jihyun

Favorite food    : Pork chops and seafood

Trivia                            :

  • Member since May 23rd 2006 (TV), May 24th 2006 (Official News), May 27th 2006 (Official debut)
  • He featured on MV “Hi Ya Ya” with Chinchin Idol
  • Members said in SS501 Youngstreet radio that he cooks tasteless and bland ramyun called “Han gang Ramyun”
  • He is very smart and was a Math Olympiad Grand Prize Winner
  • He used to be vocalist of Yumkwang High School named “Sound Flavah”
  • He has recorded some Christmas Carols for his church when he was 8, his sister was on the album too.
  • He would like to be professional gamers
  • Used to share room with Sungmin and Donghae with no bed, then when he got bed, he shared room with Leeteuk and Ryeowook
  • Loves to imitate other members
  • He loves to bully Ryeowook, Kangin, and Yesung even though he is the youngest
  • He wears soft lenses and can be seen wearing glasses in practices and performances
  • He suffered a middle ear infection and his hearing on his left ear is impaired
  • He was supposed to  play basketball on Attack onThe Pin-up Boys, replaced by Hangeng
  • His favorite Chinese phrases are Wo Bu Hui Han Yu (I don’t speak mandarin) and Fu Yuar (Waiter)
  • His favorite songs are Believe, Disco Drive, and Miracle
  • Ryeowook said the he has the biggest butt in Super Junior
  • Owns a headphones necklace given to him by Yesung
  • He fought with his friend and ended up with breaking his friend’s nose and having his own tooth broken
  • Likes the snow and is a good skier and snowboarder
  • Known for his less-than-stellar driving skills. #1 day he parked his car nicely coz there was no car around. #2 day he parked too close to the next car on the driver’s side, so he had to squeeze out of the door. #3 day he took parking lots for 2 cars. #4day he almost hit the tree behind his car. LOL
  • Has wish to go to Hollywood
  • Family has owned a very large college entrance preparation academy
  • Favorite Shinwa member is Shin Hyesung coz he is able to Introduce Kyu to professional gamer
  • Premiered his Dalkkangjeong version of Sorry-Sorry on 3/29/09 at Inkigayo Encore after posting something on his minihompy.

[09.03.26 at 9.09 pm]

Weather: Snow

Mood    : Bored

Wherever you go, smiling superbly, you are fried chicken

A good girl being a matchless beauty is thought of fried chicken

Hard to get, unstoppable, you’re truly fried chicken

If you’re envious me, then they’re fried chicken

Then Leeteuk was claiming the copyright of the song. These two dorks battled trough their cyworld sidebar:

Leeteuk  : Ring the bell!! So who do you think have won?

Kyuhyun: “Frid Chicken is mine!”

  • His father is the Country’s Revision/ Review Association Chairman
  • He said that when he sleeps, he snore really loud and even drooling. LOL
  • He isn’t good at cooking. When he tried to fry some Ham, he added sesame oil instead cooking oil, even with Kangin’s reminder.
  • He said that children always put their socks at their bed in Christmas, but because he wanted a bigger present, he hung his pants at the bed. LOL
  • He has a glib tongue which no one can beat. Even Kangin.
  • He hates flower because he was rejected when he confessed his love with flower.
  • He poured water to Sungmin’s mouth while Sungmin’s sleeping.
  • He has a mole on his right cheek
  • Notorious by his witty and unforgivable replies to fans on MTV UFO
  • His first single song was Smile-Hyena OST.
  • After April 19 accident, he lost 20 kg.
  • He didn’t suffer from pneumothorax directly from the accident, when he was in his 3rd year of college, he had it and went trough the operation.
  • He knows when to emphasize his vocal strength, and when to let the others shine.
  • He mentioned on his cyworld that when he was 3rd yeas high school, he was supposed to prepare for an important exam, but because he was so drawn to play, he was not able to study well.
  • On August 2008, he was shown on MBC Game- It’s Cool, supporting his friend, So Kyung Jung, who is a pro gamer.
  • He won after playing games against Donghae, Siwon, and Henry.
  • He sang Kyu’s Bed Song on Sukira [070110] with Believe tone. Translation:

I was so lucky to able to meet bed

Because bed would make me smile by just being near me~

I could find the bed even if it goes far away

Because bed is smiling inside of me

  • One time Kangin came back from his schedule and found Kyuhyun sleeping in his dunkin donut tent. They said he got upset when they threw it away. Lol
  • Late one night, Leeteuk was woken up from his sleep because he heard Kyu’s voice and Leeteuk asked why he was crying. And Kyu said, “Hyung, this is so sad. The third panel shows a tv ad for a bed that costs 199.990 won and the ad said to call now for this great deal.
  • He was singing Japanese song “Tears” by X-Japan to get 100 yen in Mini Drama
  • He won on Song Battle [09.04.02] after singing Shabang-Shabang (Park Hyunbin), Nest (Nam Jin), Couple (Sechskies), and Left-hander (Panic) and was chosen as Super Voice. He practiced with Sungmin the night before.
  • He was selected as TOP 10 members of kpop groups who are most likely to succeed if they have debut solo in Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo [April 2008]
  • He was the only member who included in the 2008 Mnet Top 20 lists of Best Male Vocalist in Korea [June 2008]
  • On occasion, has been known for enjoying drink wine with Sungmin.
  • He was invited to sing 7 Years of Love on Yoo Youngsuk’s 20th anniversary album.
  • He sang Listen to You-Pasta OST [January 2010]

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    I still love you… I’m still here

    just for you kyuhyun

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